All the Easter Eggs in STARGIRL Episode 1-07: “Shiv Part One”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

July 2, 2020


The tension is rising on the latest episode of DC Universe’s Stargirl as Blue Valley High’s mean girl Cindy Burman embraced her inner Shiv. Cindy is out for blood, and Courtney barely survived their first battle. In addition to a kickass fight, this episode also contained some cool pieces of comic lore, so let’s breakdown all the Easter eggs we found in “Shiv Part One.”





Did you know that this episode was directed by Lea Thompson? The talented Ms. Thompson has had a long and successful career, but her most famous role was probably Lorraine McFly during the Back to the Future trilogy. According to an interview with Geoff Johns, the showrunners were looking to capture the spirit of Back to the Future while filming Stargirl, so it’s no surprise that Lea Thompson directed an episode. In fact, downtown Blue Valley was meant to evoke downtown Hill Valley, and the set designers paid tribute to Back to the Future by decorating a building to be a replica of Roy’s Records, one of the shops seen in the classic Robert Zemeckis film. Check out the picture this writer took of Roy’s Records when he recently took a trip to Stargirl’s filming location in Dallas, Georgia. What can we say, when DC Universe hunts for Easter eggs, we go all out!

Another fun tidbit – this is the 7th episode of the series, and it shares some fun parallels with Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #7. Both stories feature a Hill Valley High football game, which Courtney has to leave early to fight Shiv for the first time.





Did you catch the name of the city Barbara was heading off to for her work trip? Oakville was a city first mentioned in All-American Comics #1, and it’s home to another Dugan. During the Golden Age, DC ran a feature called Red, White, and Blue, which was about three military operatives named Red Dugan, Whitey Smith, and Blooey Blue. No connection has ever been made between Red Dugan and Pat Dugan, but both of their introductions were written by Jerry Siegal. It appears the Superman co-creator liked writing about flag-themed characters named Dugan during World War II. If you want to see Red Dugan and his pals in action, check out New York World’s Fair #2.





Nobody has fond memories of math tests in high school, but that’s because they’ve never featured DC lore. If you pause at the right moment when Henry King Jr. is looking at his math test, you might spot the equation 3X2(9YZ)4A. That formula was first seen in More Fun Comics #71 where it was used by Johnny Quick to tap into superspeed powers. While Barry Allen and Wally West used the Speed Force to accelerate, Johnny Quick’s powers come from uttering the special mathematical formula. The crew of Stargirl couldn’t resist throwing that Easter egg in there. “I’m doing a math test, so I’m putting the Speed Formula in here! So it’s in there at number 3 on the test, as part of a longer question,” graphic designer Shawn McBee explained on the Stargirl Aftershow Podcast. If you’re interested in reading a fun Johnny Quick story, check out More Fun Comics #73.






While Pat is leading the Justice Society to his bargain basement training simulator, a familiar green car can be seen in the background. The vehicle is a dead ringer for the one Superman is holding on the cover of Action Comics #1, and next to the Batmobile, it’s probably the most famous car in the DC Universe. Don’t forget, while Stargirl was in production, Geoff Johns was writing Doomsday Clock, where the car played a small role. Geoff Johns also teamed up with his mentor Richard Donner to write about the fate of the infamous car (and it’s driver) in Action Comics #1000. It looks like Pat has fixed the dent that Superman made when he crashed the car into that boulder!





Is everyone feeling that Blue Valley High school spirit? During the homecoming game, the Blue Valley Prairie Dogs competed against the Civic City Atoms. The name is an allusion to the Atom, a founding member of the Justice Society. In fact, Al Pratt’s name can be seen on a jersey worn by one of the Civic City Atoms. Maybe Courtney’s search for new Justice Society members should expand to other schools. For more on Al Pratt, check out last week’s Easter egg column. One of the pep rally posters calls upon the Prairie Dogs to “smash those Atoms!” This is an homage to Atom Smasher, godson to the original Atom. Albert Rothstein first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25 as the hero Nuklon, and later switched to the persona of Atom Smasher. If you’re a hardcore Easter egg hunter, pay attention to the rest of the jerseys and you might find the names of Stargirl crew members, including Beeman, named after executive producer Greg Beeman.





We know a lot of you are probably wondering “what’s up with the janitor.” Janitor Justin was certainly Stargirl’s knight in shining armor during her showdown with Shiv, and a few of you may have already guessed his true identity. There are a few clues in his janitor’s closet, so pay close attention. We won’t reveal it here yet, but if you’d like to see how it unfolded in the comics, check out Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #10.











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