80 Ways the Joker Has Murdered Someone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

April 25, 2020

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Knock knock. Who’s there? Hopefully not the Joker, because then we’d be in big trouble. Murder is the Joker’s hobby, and we don’t want to be on the other side of that door when he’s the one who knocks. Sorry Walter White, but Joker is the danger! In honor of Joker’s 80th anniversary, we’re taking a look at 80 different ways the Clown Prince has murdered someone. From Joker Venom to raining knives, here are 80 Joker murders.



Batman 1 first story.jpg


1) Injected a time release poison into Henry Claridge. The Joker’s first murder! (1940’s Batman #1).


2) Buried Oberon Sexton alive (2010’s Batman and Robin #13).


3) Attached a bomb to Howie Mandel. (Harley Quinn episode 2, “A High Bar”).


4) Impaled his goon’s head with a speargun (Batman #321).


5) Sent a poisonous snake after one of his goons (Batman #353).


6) Aerial assault on Central American soldiers from a modified helicopter (Batman #366).


7) Killed a comedian by releasing poisonous gas from a balloon. The Joker’s last murder for over 30 years (1942’s Detective Comics #62).


8) Mixed oil and fertilizer on his henchman Josh, creating an explosive reaction (Detective Comics #737).


9) Skinned a Gotham elite named Rupert, then wore his skin as a mask (Harley Quinn episode 1, “Til Death Do Us Part”).


10) Accidentally overdosed a Batman imposter with laughing toxin (Batman #294).


11) Stabbed a mobster in the neck with a quill pen (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman).


Salvation Run 7.jpg


12) Tricked a Parademon into giving him his gun, then shot him with it (Salvation Run #7).


13) Killed his own lawyer and some Arkham guards by hiding poisonous gas inside a Bible (Robin II: Joker’s Wild #1).


14) Destroyed the entire universe with cosmic powers (Action Comics #770).


15) Turned Multi-Man into ice then shattered him (Joker: Last Laugh #1).


16) Strangled his henchman Jahan because he thought he was a jinx (Justice League International Annual #2).


17) Murdered bankers with a killer Superman Robot (1987’s Superman #9).


18) Switched someone’s medicine with poison (1941’s Batman #7).


19) Melted Scarecrow’s skull with acid (Harley Quinn episode 13, “The Final Joke”).


20) Detonated an acid bomb he had placed inside a Batman impersonator (2013’s Batman and Robin #16).


21) Brainwashed Raya Vestri with a toxin that wound up killing her (2013’s Nightwing #15).


22) Killed a former henchman with an exploding cigar (Batman #251).






23) Tricked a bus into driving off a cliff (1941’s Batman #8).


24) Placed a bomb inside the U.N. General Assembly Center (Batman #429).


25) Shot Sarah Essen in the head (Detective Comics #741).


26) Threw a rival in an incinerator (Joker #2).


27) Poisoned Felua, an Atlantean who befriended him (Legends of the DC Universe #27).


28) Used Petit’s men as human shields against Petit (Batman #574).


29) Shot a theater manager with a lethal blowgun (1942’s Batman #9).


30) Poisoned Nora Baron and Ken Daladnek because their names were palindromes (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #6).




31) Made a pencil disappear into a man’s skull (Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight).


32) Devoured Beezlebub (Batman #544).


33) Exploding cellphone in a goon’s stomach (Harley Quinn episode 1 “Til Death Do Us Part”).


34) Shot a fast food manager for getting his order wrong (Detective Comics #826).


35) Created a CD that melts into a poisonous gas when put in a CD player (Batman: Dark Detective #3).


Detective Comics 476.jpg


36) Poisoned a cat’s fangs and claws, then sent it after its owner (Detective Comics #476).


37) Barbequed a mobster with a joy buzzer (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman).


38) Gouged out the eyes of a security guard (Arkham Asylum: Madness).


39) Impersonated a magician, and then cremated his assistant during a performance (Detective Comics #833).


40) Gave Dr. Hamish a poisoned flower (Batman #260).


41) Slashed a cop’s jugular with their keys (Gotham Central #15).


42) Shoved a rubber chicken down someone’s throat (Infinite Crisis #2).


43) Ran over a pedestrian (Detective Comics #826).


44) Shot a hostage in the head to get Batman’s attention (2018's Batman #48).


45) Silenced a witness by shooting a poisoned lace pea-pop at his neck (The Joker #4).


46) Put peanuts in George Carver’s brownies, triggering an allergic reaction (Batman Villains Secret Files #1).


47) Unleashed flamethrower on Gotham’s elite (Harley Quinn episode 1, “Til Death Do Us Part”).





48) Hid a poison dart inside a telephone. Called an officer, and screamed “Joker” loudly, causing the dart to fire into the man’s head (1940’s Batman #1).


49) Beheaded Multi-Man (Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files #1).


50) Blew up a school (Batman: Cacophony #1).


Joker 10.jpg


51) Put a shrinking straightjacket on a psychiatrist, crushing the doc’s ribcage (Joker #10).


52) Activated a killer Jack-in-the-box to smash a henchman with a mallet (Detective Comics #532).


53) Offered free (poisoned) cotton candy to a group of Boy Scouts (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #3).


54) Beat Lois Lane with a Daily Planet paperweight from her desk (JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1).


55) Tore Robin and Batgirl apart with alien technology (Justice League of America: The Nail #1).


56) Tried to shoot Batman, but hit one of his own men instead (Detective Comics #673).


57) Impaled an officer’s chest with a pencil. A different version of the trick Heath Ledger's Joker did (Batman Confidential #10).




58) Turned into a vampire and bit Etta Candy’s neck, draining the blood from her body (Convergence: Wonder Woman #1).


59) Put poisonous gas in the tank of a motorcycle, causing the exhaust fumes to kill a criminal (The Brave and the Bold #191).


60) Smashed his henchman’s face into a barbed-wire teddy bear (2019’s Batman #85).


61) Booby-trapped stairs to send a SWAT team sliding down into a pit of spikes (Batman: Dark Detective #6).


62) Juggled some balls in a parade. Threw the balls at the audience. The balls exploded (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #65).


63) Kissed a television shrink with poisonous lipstick (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #3).


64) Contaminated cosmetic products in Gotham, poisoning unsuspecting consumers (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman).


65) Threw a poisonous pie at a cameraman. (Joker #7).


66) Decapitated a nightclub deejay (Batman: Cacophony #2).


67) Locked his followers in a room, and pressed a button that set everyone in the room ablaze (Gotham episode “One Bad Day”).


68) Disguised himself as a window washer, and cleaned the window with a gun instead of a brush, killing the business people on the other side (Batman: Dark Victory #8).




69) Shot his favorite toymaker with a lethal squirt gun (Detective Comics #504).


70) Rigged a blimp to explode, causing glass shards to fall onto the citizens below as if it was raining knives (Batman Confidential #11).


71) Used robot baby dolls to murder a television studio audience (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #3).


72) Contaminated the District Attorney’s record collection, causing poisonous gas to be released when the album was put on the record player (1940’s Detective Comics #45).


73) Smashed Psimon’s skull in with a rock (Salvation Run #2).


74) Used chemicals hidden in two of his false teeth to create a bomb. The explosion killed a nearby guard (1940’s Batman #1).


75) Snuck an exploding whoopie cushion under a guard’s chair (Joker #5).


Infinite Crisis 7.jpg


76) Melted Alexander Luthor’s face, then fried him with a buzzer and shot him in the head (Infinite Crisis #7).


77) Beat a GCPD officer to death with a phone book (Gotham Central #15).


78) Brutalized Jason Todd with a crowbar, and left him in a warehouse next to a bomb (Batman #427).




79) Gassed Gotham City with poison-filled giant parade balloons (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman).


80) Shot John Claridge in the head on live television. John was the son of Henry Claridge, the Joker’s first murder victim, bringing things full circle (2012’s Batman #13).



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