6 Exclusive Photos from the Finale of YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

Aug. 23, 2019


We've reached the homestretch of DC Universe's 'Young Justice: Outsiders' and things couldn't be worse, as Granny Goodness has enslaved both Young Justice AND the Justice League with the Anti-Life Equation. Yes, the future looks bleak for our heroes, but there still might be hope -- as we see in three of our six exclusive images from next week's 3-episode season finale event, with Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Bart Allen looking determined. Unfortunately, Granny Goodness and Lex Luthor are looking just as determined. Finally, we've got a shot of Barbara Gordon and Black Lightning in their civvies. Check out the pics below!











Here are the official synopses for episodes 24-26:


  •                                   • “Into the Breach” 
    •                                                 The Outsiders make one last attempt to save Halo…and the galaxy!
  •                                   • “Overwhelmed” 
    •                                                 In the calm before the storm, Artemis and Conner journey back to their pasts.
  •                                   • “Nevermore” 
    •                                                 In the season finale episode, things come full circle as the team and the Outsiders
      •                                                 return to Markovia for the final confrontation.



Good luck to our heroes... Be sure to tune in Tuesday, August 27th when the 3-episode finale hits DC Universe to see what happens!



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