5 Underrated Wonder Woman Moments for Day of Wonder

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Oct. 22, 2018


Today is the Day of Wonder, celebrating all things Wonder Woman! Princess Diana of Themyscira has had many wonderful moments throughout her comics, film, and TV history, so it stands to reason that a few may have been forgotten by some fans over the years. Let’s take a look at five of these overlooked though still epic moments...






In the second issue of Wonder Woman's first ongoing comic book, Sensation Comics #2 (written by William Moulton Marston and penciled by Harry G. Peter, read it here), Steve Trevor is kidnapped by the villainous Dr. Poison. Wonder Woman knows she could easily break down his prison walls, but Steve would be shot by the guards before she could rescue him. So the amazing Amazon enlists the help of Etta Candy and her sorority at Holliday College to cause a diversion. The girls storm the Nazi stronghold and have an all-out brawl with the troops, leaving our hero a chance to rescue Steve and defeat Poison. Only someone like Wonder Woman could inspire and lead a group of college girls to take on the Third Reich and succeed!






The “Mod” era of Wonder Woman is controversial among fandom due to Diana losing her super powers and classic costume. As a result, comic readers often overlook some of the great Wonder Woman moments found during that period. For example... In Wonder Woman #179 (written by Denny O’Neil and penciled by Mike Sekowsky, read it here), Diana chooses to stay behind when the Amazons leave for another dimension. As a result, she loses her powers and is forced to learn a new way of fighting. A blind man named I-Ching becomes Diana’s new mentor and trains her in the ways of karate. The end of the issue has a great sequence where Diana puts her new skills to the test. Diana fights an army of robotic toys, a giant Frankenstein monster, and miniature fighter planes. She is able to win the fight without her bullet-dodging bracelets, magic lasso, or super strength. This scene proves that even without her amazing abilities, Diana is a woman of wonder.






The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series is filled with many classic moments, and the season 3 premiere “My Teenage Idol Is Missing” (watch it here) is no exception. While on a U.S. Government mission, agent Diana Prince stumbles upon a kidnapping ring. Pop star Lane Kincaid (played by real-life teen idol Leif Garrett) has been captured by criminals and replaced with his twin brother. The final act of the episode gives us an unforgettable Wonder Woman moment where she fights the kidnappers -- from the seat of a motorcycle! When Diana Prince does her classic “spin transformation”, an extra rotation changes her classic Wonder Woman costume into an Evel Knievel-esque variant. She grabs a nearby motorcycle and races to the junkyard before poor Lane can be executed. Wonder Woman subdues the entire gang without ever dismounting her bike. Sure we’ve seen Wonder Woman fight with her fists and sword plenty of time, but watching her take down baddies with a pair wheels is a sight to behold! 






The 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie (watch it here) contains a great scene where Wonder Woman cheers up a young girl at the park. The boys won’t let her play pirates with them because she’s a girl. Diana is horrified by the misogyny of the children and their poor imitations of sword fighting. She briefly teaches the little girl the proper way to sword fight (with a stick) before sending her to play with the boys.  The scene is only a minute long, but it speaks so much to what Wonder Woman is about. In the single minute Diana enters the girl’s life, she shows her that girls can be so much more than what gender roles tell us and teaches her she's equal -- no, superior -- to her male playmates. This presents in microcosm what Wonder Woman has done for the entire world. We’ve seen many scenes of Wonder Woman as a warrior, but this moment demonstrates she's a great nurturer as well. 






In 2011's Justice League #3 (written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Jim Lee, read it here), Wonder Woman introduces herself to the team in an unforgettable way. The group is overwhelmed by Apokolips Parademons when Diana appears and tears through them with only her sword and skills. She's able to do on her own what Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman were unable to do together. (When Superman is impressed by your strength, it’s not a compliment to take lightly.) She proves her worth to fight alongside the League and shows readers why she’s a force to be reckoned with. 


With 77 years as a pop culture icon, there are plenty of other awe-inspiring Wonder Woman moments to choose from. Let us know what your favorites are in our Community!