5 Santa Claus Team-Up Stories

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Dec. 23, 2019


He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he’s fighting side by side with the heroes of the DC Universe! Throughout the years Christmas criminality has caused the heroes of the DC Universe to call on Santa Claus for help, resulting in some memorable Yuletide team-ups. To help get everyone in the Christmas spirit, here are 5 Santa Claus team-up stories!


“Superman’s Christmas Adventure”




Santa’s Heroic Partner: Superman


The Story: Two greedy criminals (appropriately named Grouch and Meaney) try to buy out Santa’s operation, but Jolly Old Saint Nick declines. The crooks don’t take this news well and respond by drugging Santa’s reindeer, and sabotaging the Daily Planet’s toy drive. Santa radios Superman for help, and the two team-up to save Christmas.


Naughty or Nice: It’s the Man of Steel, of course he was nice!


Where to Read it: Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1



“Merry Christmas Justice League – Now Die!”




Santa’s Heroic Partner: The Justice League of America


The Story: Plastic Man tells Woozy Wink’s nephew a bedtime story about how Santa Claus became a member of the Justice League and helped them battle the demonic Neron. It all started when Neron dragged Santa Claus into the depths of Hell, and the JLA launched a rescue mission to save Christmas. Some of Plastic Man’s story details were suspect, like Santa Claus having heat vision. Some might dismiss Plastic Man as an unreliable narrator, but the final panels of the story reveal that there’s more to Santa than meets the eye.


Naughty or Nice: Plastic Man landed on the nice list for helping out with Woozy Wink’s nephew.


Where to Read it: JLA #60


“Christmas Spirits”




Santa’s Heroic Partner: Shadowpact


The Story: Santa Claus has been receiving threatening phone calls from a terrorist organization known as the Anti-Christmas League, so he contacts Shadowpact for protection. The heroes promise to protect Saint Nick so he could make his Christmas rounds, but things aren’t as they seem. The group suspects that the ACL isn’t real, but they decide to indulge Santa’s paranoia for fun. Which member of Shadowpact is behind the prank calls? Someone who’s been monkeying around.


Naughty or Nice: Detective Chimp landed himself on the naughty list for prank calling Santa and pretending to be a terrorist organization. For shame!


Where to Read it: DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1


“A Very Harley Holiday”




Santa’s Heroic Partner: Harley Quinn and Krypto


The Story: Harley tells a brief Christmas story in the style of the classic Rankin/Bass television specials. When Santa is attacked by the troublesome trio of Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, and Captain Cold, it’s up to the Lady of Lunacy and Krypto the Superdog to save the day.


Naughty or Nice: Harley actually behaved herself for an entire page, so she lands on the nice list.


Where to Read it: DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1



“The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special”




Santa’s Roguish Rival: Lobo


The Story: We confess, this one isn’t a team-up, but no list of DCU Santa stories would be complete without the time he fought Lobo. The Easter Bunny hires the Main Man to take Santa out, leading to one of the bloodiest brawls the North Pole has ever seen. Not only does Saint Nick hold his own against Lobo, but it’s revealed that he’s far from the jolly soul television specials want us to believe. He curses almost as bad as Lobo, and is pretty talented with lethal weapons himself. The battle is bloody, and if you want to see who walked away be sure to check it out for yourself!


Naughty or Nice: This is Lobo we’re talking about, so take a wild guess.


Where to Read it: The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1




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