5 Reasons We Love Lobo

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

June 20, 2019


The DC Universe is filled with tons of characters who embody truth, justice, and integrity – but Lobo ain't one of them! The Main Man plays by his own rules and lives a self-centered life full of reckless violence. Lobo's currently making a splash on the second season of TV's ‘Krypton’ (the first episode of which can now be watched on DC Universe) and has his own spin-off series in development. But this comes as no surprise, since fans can’t help but love the maniac mercenary. Here are 5 reasons why…



He’s a Creative Killer


Lobo Last.JPG


While some heroes like Superman or Batman have a hard stance against killing, Lobo doesn’t share their pacifistic views. The Main Man is a stone-cold slayer, and his body count is larger than a closet full of telephone books. Lobo’s lust for killing consumed his  planet until he murdered the entire population, making him the last Czarnian. Once his species was taken care of, Lobo became a mercenary and began selling his skills to the highest bidder. Despite this, Lobo still enjoys some freebies, and has been known to kill just for the fun of it. Lobo will kill people if they’re in front of him in a long line or if they look at him the wrong way. Lobo’s roguish nature earned him an army of enemies, but their confrontations with the Main Man have only raised his kill count higher. Lobo has no qualms against killing his own blood, as he demonstrated in ‘Lobo: Infanticide’ when he killed hundreds of his own illegitimate children. Though, in his defense, they tried to kill him first. Most importantly, Lobo gets creative with his killings, as his last surviving child learned when her dad used a lit match and his own flatulence to create a massive explosion. Lobo might not be silent, but he sure as hell is deadly.



He Can Regenerate from Anything


Lobo Blood.JPG


Do you think you can kill Lobo? Good luck! Even if you managed to cut the Main Man down to his last drop of blood, he’d still be able to put himself back together again. Lobo’s body has the ability to regenerate from any injury, and his cells can recycle and rebuild no matter how broken they are. At times, the Main Man has been reduced to a pool of blood, and even then he’s been able to rise up with a new body. Not only that, but his regenerative abilities allow him to grow clones of himself from a singe drop of blood. The minions of Apokolips learned this the hard way in ‘Young Justice’ #36-37. During this time period, Lobo had been magically de-aged into a teenager, and was killed after accompanying Young Justice on a mission to Apokolips – or so they thought. Lobo’s splattered blood into an army of angry Lobo clones who fought off Darkseid’s forces. After defeating their enemies, the clones started turning on each other until only one Lobo remained. After all, there’s only room for one Main Man!



Neither Heaven Nor Hell Want Anything to Do with Him


Lobo Heaven.JPG


It’s a good thing Lobo has his regenerating factor, because nobody in the afterlife wants anything to do with him! After getting killed in the limited series ‘Lobo’s Back,’ a bureaucrat from the afterlife told the Main Man that although he was sentenced to a lengthy stay in Hell, the underworld wanted nothing to do with him and refused to take him in. Lobo’s chaotic reputation was so bad, that Hell made sure he was banned for all eternity. Lobo wound up at the pearly gates of Heaven, but as you can imagine he didn’t fit in well there either. Lobo was able to get himself reincarnated, with hilarious results (check out the series to see how it turned out). This tale ends with a memorandum from the Almighty stating that Lobo is forever banned from Heaven. It’s no surprise that Lobo isn’t welcome in Heaven, but it takes a real nasty bastich to get himself banned from Hell. Yes, the Main Man will have to make the best of things in the land of the living, because there’s nowhere else for him to go!



He Has an Unexpected Soft Side


Lobo Dolphins.JPG


It might seem like Lobo is devoid of any compassion, but the Main Man is full of surprises. For example, the mercenary who will kill anything that moves has a soft spot for dolphins. Lobo absolutely adores the creatures. He even keeps a group of Space Dolphins as pets. His affection for them is Lobo’s Kryptonite, as others have used the fish to control the Main Man. For example, Brainiac 2 convinced Lobo to lend his services to the L.E.G.I.O.N. in exchange for protecting the majestic mammals. In ‘Justice League International’ #18, Manga Khan convinces Lobo to take on the Justice League by offering him a decades worth of food for his pet dolphins. How can someone coldly kill hundreds of their own children, yet be affectionate with fish? Hey, Lobo’s brain works in mysterious ways, yet another reason we love him.



He Was a Religious Leader – Then Killed His God


Lobo Bishop.JPG

Lobo has played many roles throughout his mercenary career, but the most unexpected one is space pope. In ‘52’ #19, Starfire, Animal Man, and Adam Strange were surprised to learn that not only had Lobo found religion, but he was actually leading one! It turned out that the toughest bastich in the galaxy had renounced his violent ways to become Archbishop Lobo. The religion worshipped a dolphin-like fish god, which naturally appealed to Lobo’s sentimental side. As a religious leader, Lobo took a vow of pacifism, which he constantly struggled to avoid breaking. He finally had enough in ‘52’ #51, when he killed the fish god using the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Alas, it turns out Lobo’s love for violence is just a little stronger than his love for dolphins.



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