5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Watch KRYPTON Season 2

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Aug. 14, 2020


The second season of TV's Krypton has just landed on DC Universe, so cancel all your plans. If you like Superman, you’ll be blown away by his Kryptonian ancestors, as they fight for power in a conflict that spans generations, species, and families. This season has everything, from violent bounty hunters, political intrigue, kickass characters, and all the action you could hope for. Here are 5 reasons you should drop everything and watch Krypton season 2 right now!






If you’re looking for your next binge now that Game of Thrones is over, Krypton may become your next obsession. It has all the fantasy and intrigue of Thrones, but it’s set in space and features DC characters! Alliances are made, betrayal lurks around every corner, and the action takes place in an imaginative world that feels like a utopia and a post-apocalyptic society at the same time. Kryptonian houses scheme for power, and those in charge try to protect themselves from coups. Following the events of Krypton season 1, General Dru-Zod has taken control of the planet, his mother Lyta is leading his army, and her mother Janya is secretly striking against them both. Does that sound intriguing? We haven’t even mentioned the time-travel matricide yet! 






Some of you might have slept on Krypton season 1 because it’s a superhero prequel saga. But throw out everything you know about traditional superhero prequels, because in this show no one is safe. Due to Adam Strange and Dru-Zod’s time-traveling, history has been broken and this series now depicts an alternate reality instead of a prequel. In season 1's finale...SPOILER ALERT... Dru-Zod changed the timeline so that Superman was never born and Krypton never exploded, which means anything goes in season 2. There are hints that things might be going back on track, like Nyssa changing the name of her son to Jor-El, but in Krypton nothing should be taken for granted. Season 2 also puts Black Mercy into play, introduced in the classic Alan Moore-penned Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything.”






In Krypton season 1, we caught a glimpse of a hibernating Doomsday, but now he’s awake, and ready to cause planet-wide carnage. Don’t forget, Doomsday is famously known for killing Superman, and that was on a planet with a yellow sun. Imagine how much damage he could do on a world of Kryptonians without powers. How powerful is Doomsday? In one memorable moment this season, he survives the explosion of an entire moon! These Kryptonians had better stop their in-fighting, before Doomsday wipes them all out. 






If you’re a fan of women who kick ass, then Krypton season 2 will have you grinning ear to ear. Your favorite Kryptonian women from season 1 are back, and they’re here to take control and, if necessary, make things very uncomfortable for their male counterparts. Janya-Zod works tirelessly to overthrow her time-displaced grandson, even though the whole planet is hunting for her. Nyssa-Vex proves that she’ll do anything to save her infant son and her planet, even if it means pointing a gun at her father’s head or helping a resistance movement covertly steal classified data. There is a scene of her taking on an army of guards that you’ll want to rewind again and again. Lyta-Zod survives a series of deadly ordeals throughout the season, from getting her throat slit to falling victim to the Black Mercy. We stan a powerful woman, and Krypton is full of them. 






We know we’re burying the lead here, but once you bring up Lobo, there’s no way to follow that! Krypton season 2 introduces Lobo, and he isn't toned down for television. The Main Man is every bit of the wild bastich he is in the comics, making him the breakout star of the season. He’s gratuitously violent, which makes Seg and Adam Strange uncomfortable as they work with him to stop Brainiac. Lobo’s regeneration ability is included, and it’s a sight to behold in live-action. He uses this power more than once, and you won’t be able to get these gruesome sequences out of your brain. If you were a fan of the Main Man’s wild 1990s comics, Krypton season 2 is a dream come true.  



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