5 Must Read Starfire Stories

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Oct. 27, 2018


Starfire (as played by Anna Diop) has quickly emerged as one of the most popular character's on DC Universe's Titans (watch it here). She first appeared in comics as a member of the Teen Titans. As written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez in the pages of The New Teen Titans (read it here), she was an alien, solar-powered warrior who could flip between compassionate and kind to the galaxy's fiercest warrior in an instant. Although she had trouble assimilating to Earth's culture at first, she eventually became one of its greatest heroes. First with the Titans, and later the Justice League and the Outlaws. If you're a fan of DC's space princess, here are five essential comic stories you'll definitely want to check out...


Tales of the New Teen Titans #3 (1982)




When the Teen Titans first encountered Koriand'r, they knew she was an alien princess in exile who had escaped a brutal life, but they didn't know the extent of her troubles until this issue. In the Tales of the New Teen Titans limited series, the Titans go on a camping trip to the Grand Canyon, and each of the then newer members goes into detail about their tragic backstories. 


Starfire tells her friends about how she was born a princess on the planet Tamaran, but grew up with a cruel older sister as her bitter rival, and was eventually sold into slavery to save her planet from destruction. Betrayed by almost everyone she's ever known and loved, Kory somehow maintains a positive outlook on life, and uses that to persevere until she finds a new family on Earth with the Titans. This single issue is where Starfire is truly formed as a character.


New Teen Titans #13-18, “The Marriage of Starfire” (1985)




In the midst of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Starfire's people asked her to return home after her many years in exile. But this happy reunion would not last. Although she was deeply in love with Nightwing, her father had asked her to marry the son of a political rival named Karras to seal a treaty. Despite it just being a marriage of state, Nightwing was too traditional to ever want to be in a relationship with a married woman, and he left Starfire on Tamaran, returning broken-hearted. This relationship nearly ruined the family dynamic of the Titans for some time after. 


The New Teen Titans #37 (1987)




Ever since Starfire arrived on Earth, she had a hard time understanding the "don't kill your enemies" rule that DC Super Heroes adhere to. Her fellow Titans managed to curb her take-no-prisoners attitude, and eventually, Starfire managed to suppress her violent tendencies while in battle. But one day, when a new high tech villain called the Wildebeest appeared on the scene, things changed...


At first, the Wildebeest seems like an easy win for the Titans. But after encountering several robot decoys, they begin to believe he's a machine, remotely controlled. So when Starfire thinks she's fighting an artificial being and unleashes her full force upon him, she's shocked to discover she has killed an ordinary man. She's arrested for murder, and the Titans must deal with the consequences of her actions. As usual, however, there is more happening in this story than at first meets the eye. 


52 #1-52 (2006)




After the events of Infinite Crisis, Starfire joined fellow heroes Animal Man and Adam Strange in a journey through uncharted space. A Zeta Beam transported them to a previously unexplored sector of the galaxy, and, for the better part of a year, they journey to many worlds. During this time they encounter characters like Lobo, and fight the villainous Lady Styx. During this exile, Kori forms new bonds with two heroes she barely knew before.

Starfire eventually made it back to Earth after this long journey through the galaxy, but her demanding year wasn't quite over yet. She lost her powers upon her return, thanks to a strange virus that Lady Styx had made Animal Man the carrier of. Starfire then realized she had to head out into space yet again to restore her solar-based powers and return to her true self. This epic ordeal ended up profoundly changing the alien princess forever.


Starfire #1-12 (2015-2016)




After the events of Flashpoint, Kori would find herself without many of her memories, and became a member of Red Hood's team, the Outlaws. After serving with them for a time, Starfire would eventually relocate to Key West, Florida to live a normal life. She made a new friend in the local sheriff, who was constantly helping Kori assimilate further into human culture. Despite her vow to keep from fighting crime, Koriand'r nevertheless found herself entangled in all kinds of adventures.


Kori eventually encountered a waitress who was actually a meta-human from a civilization living below the Earth's surface who needed her help. Even though Starfire no longer wanted to be a Super Hero, she also couldn't ignore her conscience and was forced to defend Key West from all kinds of different threats. After her time in Florida, Starfire realized she arrived on Earth for a reason, and decided to become a Super Hero once more. Read this storyline here.


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