The 5 Most Romantic Harley Quinn + Poison Ivy Moments in Comic Books

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

June 24, 2020


If you’re a Harley/Ivy shipper, then you have plenty of reasons to be celebrating right now. A recent episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn ended with the Lady of Lunacy locking lips with the Princess of Plants as they escaped Bane’s underground prison. The moment was a long time coming, and was a culmination of something that had been building ever since the show's first episode. What, did you really think that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were just friends?! Fans of the villainous vixens have known for years that there's something special between the duo, and we have the receipts! Here are the 5 most romantic moments between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.




first kiss bombshells.jpeg


If you’re a Harley/Ivy shipper, don’t sleep on DC Comics: Bombshells. Not only is it a fun look at DC’s greatest female characters set in the 1940s, it also contains one of the best depictions of Harley and Ivy’s relationship. In fact, DC Comics: Bombshells #42 is the first time Harley and Ivy have a romantic kiss in an official DC publication. Not only is the moment historically significant, it’s also super adorable. Harley accidentally calls herself Ivy’s girl, and becomes flustered when Ivy teases her about it. Harley nervously tries to walk the comment back, but Ivy reassures her, calling her “cherie” and pulling her in for a kiss. It was everything we could have wanted from their first kiss. Harley’s awkwardness was relatable, Ivy’s reassurance was heartwarming, and the falling snow was romantic. If readers didn’t ship Harley and Ivy before, they did after reading this.






Harley and Ivy’s relationship was also explored in the world of Injustice, an alternate-reality tale based on the hit video game series. In a world where Superman has become a dictator, Harley leads her own army to repel the Kryptonian’s tyranny. Injustice: Ground Zero focuses on the war from Harley’s point of view, and issue 21 includes a romantic moment with her and Poison Ivy. On the eve of a grand battle, Ivy visits Harley and suggests they run away together. As tempting as it is, Harley needs to see things through, but they do enjoy a passionate kiss, and even call each other pet names like “Smoopy.” Harley reminds Ivy how much she’s changed her, and credits Pamela with making her the strong person she is today.





We know the last two examples didn’t take place in DC's main continuity, but trust us – the Harley and Ivy relationship is canon. 2017’s Harley Quinn #25 features Harley and Ivy’s first romantic kiss in a continuity book, and it’s a passionate one! Ivy had teamed up with some of Harley’s friends to throw her a surprise birthday party, but in our opinion the kiss was the real gift. Ivy teased to Harley that another present was coming later, but that unwrapping wasn’t seen on-panel. Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, the creative team behind this comic, are big cheerleaders of the Harley/Ivy relationship, and once described them as “girlfriends” in a Twitter AMA session.





In the song “Within You Without You,” George Harrison wrote, “With our love we could save the world.” We could reasonably assume he was talking about Harley and Ivy’s relationship. In 2018’s Batman #43 Poison Ivy called upon the power of the Green to take over the world. She controlled everyone from the Justice League to the President of the United States, but left Batman and Catwoman fully conscious to witness her carnage. Catwoman and Batman were able to free Harley from Ivy’s control, and she was able to get through to her bestie. The moment was sweet, tender, and showed just how powerful Ivy and Harley’s relationship is. Their love literally saved the world.






A major theme of Harley and Ivy’s relationship has been mental health. Ivy has worked hard to make sure Harley could get over her dependency on the Joker, and Harley has helped Ivy become more connected to the humanity she initially rejected. Heroes in Crisis #6 furthered this theme when Ivy took Harley to the Sanctuary, a mental health facility for superheroes. Using the Sanctuary’s holographic technology, Harley violently acted out against an AI version of the Joker. When it didn’t relieve her pain, Harley collapsed into Ivy’s arms, and the women emotionally unloaded on one another. It was a great moment, and it's a contender for their most intimate one yet. Intimacy is about more than kissing, it’s about having an emotional connection with another person; and this scene raised Harley and Ivy’s connection to a whole new level.



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