The 5 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments in KRYPTON Season 1

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

June 11, 2019


With the second season of the hit DC show Krypton arriving on Syfy on Wednesday, June 12th, now is the perfect time to binge the science-fiction fun and emotional rollercoaster that is season 1, right here on DC Universe! Unless you've been imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, you may have heard that Krypton follows Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Seyg-El in the comics), as he and his friends fight to save their planet from the clutches of Superman's longtime enemy Brainiac. This series takes the mythology of Superman’s birthworld and turns it into an exciting narrative that goes well beyond the scope of a traditional prequel. But be warned: if spoilers are your Kryptonite, think twice before reading any further! With that in mind, here are five of the most thrilling moments from Krypton's first season...



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Adam Strange Reveals Superman’s Cape




Viewers thought they were watching a simple prequel story until Adam Strange dropped some shocking revelations during the final scene of the show's pilot episode. Seg-El (played by the perfectly cast Cameron Cuffe) confronts Adam Strange at the Fortress of Solitude, demanding the mysterious traveler reveal what he's been up to. “You only think that you’re the end of the line,” Strange says as he presents him with Superman’s cape. Strange explains that he's a time traveler, and that, due to unnatural changes to the timeline, the cape is slowly fading away. If Seg can’t save Krypton from a time-traveling Brainiac, then reality will be altered and Supes will never be born! This revelation not only changes Seg’s destiny, it raises the stakes for the entire series. This is no longer a mere prequel with an inevitable conclusion. History is being changed, and it's up to Seg to make sure all of our favorite elements of Superman lore come to pass...



Lyta’s Fight with Quex-Ul




Viewers learned not to underestimate Seg-El's soulmate Lyta-Zod in the show's second episode, “House of El.” Here, Lyta is beginning to lose faith in the leadership of Quex-Ul, her commanding officer in the Sagitari squadron. Unlike Earth, Krypton lets you settle management disputes by fighting to the death -- with the winner assuming command of the squadron. When Lyta challenges Quex-Ul, everyone attempts to talk her out of it, assuming she will perish. Lyta proves her doubters wrong when she holds her own in the duel. She eventually gains the upper hand and forces Quex-Ul to ask for mercy. Lyta answers his plea by breaking his neck. “We never ask for mercy,” Lyta says as she walks away from Quex-Ul’s corpse. This brutal and shocking move become Lyta’s defining character moment, proving that she's a powerhouse. What else would you expect from the mother of General Zod? Speaking of whom…



Zod Reveals Himself




Lyta receives the shock of her life in the final moments of the fifth episode, “House of Zod.” Lyta has infiltrated the base of Black Zero, a Kryptonian terrorist organization. While attempting to rescue a captured Seg, she's discovered by the group’s leader. A brutal fight ensues, but the leader stops when he notices the Zod family crest on Lyta’s necklace. He reveals that he has the same necklace -- because he's her son from the future, Dru-Zod. It turns out that Adam Strange isn’t the only time traveler hanging around this period. Bringing in the fan-favorite character General Zod was a great way to remind viewers that anyone could show up, regardless of when they’re born. Plus, no matter where Dru-Zod is from, he’s always an adversary who knows how to complicate things for the House of El.







Krypton took another interesting turn in its 6th episode, “Civil Wars” -- when Seg, Lyta, and Dru-Zod search for a powerful weapon that can repeal Brainiac’s upcoming attack. After exploring some underground tunnels, the trio find the weapon, and it's none other than Doomsday, the creature who killed Superman! Seg and Lyta have no clue what they are about to unleash. But Adam Strange does, and warns them. This results in a supercharged fight between Dru-Zod and Adam Strange over the fate of Doomsday. Though the monster is not, thankfully, released, his surprise appearance brings another classic Superman villain to the series and puts one of the mythology's most dangerous pieces on the chess board.



Seg Sends Brainiac to the Phantom Zone




Everything comes to a head in the season 1 finale, “The Phantom Zone,” as Seg-El and Brainiac have an epic showdown in the Fortress of Solitude. Thanks to Seg’s quick thinking, he's able to trick Brainiac and trap him in the Zone. Unfortunately, Brainiac is able to pull Seg in before the portal is closed, making our hero's victory a bittersweet one. Krypton is saved from Brainiac, but Seg’s imprisonment alters the timeline and erases Superman from existence. When Adam Strange returns to present day Earth, it appears Dru-Zod has taken Kal-El’s place in history, but as an oppressor instead of a champion. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Doomsday breaks out of his containment unit. Yikes! Can season 2 get here any faster?



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