5 Forgotten Wonder Woman Abilities

Tamara Brooks

Tamara Brooks

Nov. 5, 2019


Wonder Woman is one of the world's most well-known superheroes, and everyone knows about her super-strength, her bullet-deflecting bracelets and her Lasso of Truth. But do you know about some of her lesser-known powers? Take a look below to find out just how truly blessed by the gods Diana of Themyscira is!






You may think this is a weird one to include, since it's been used the most (and most recently) out of everything on this list, but I've had several conversations with knowledgeable comics fans who don't know this is one of Diana's core abilities. While the exact details change a bit depending on the era, like everything on this list, most commonly this gift is given to her by Artemis (goddess of the hunt) and has been depicted as both verbal and telepathic communication. She's used this ability to talk to dinosaurs multiple times, which is extremely rad.





Yes, she has enhanced healing robust enough to make some pretty nasty wounds go away almost instantly, but one of her blessings gives her an advantage that others with a similar ability don't have. Thanks to Demeter's Post-Crisis blessing, if Diana ever suffers significant injury, she can merge with the earth to gain an instant heal. It is, however, such a special and sacred act that it is only to be used in cases of extreme emergency.





She reflects bullets and parries swords, but if you come at Wonder Woman with anything else, she's probably going to just shrug it off. She's unbothered by the cold and is basically straight up immune to fire thanks to Hestia. Meaning she can stand in lava, float in the depths of space, or take a blast of Superman's heat vision like it was nothing. She's also resistant to lightning/electrical damage, something we can thank creepy Dr. Psycho for.





In her early adventures, creator William Moulton Marston gifted Diana with a variety of metaphysical abilities including ESP and telepathy. Not all of them stuck around Post-Crisis but astral projection survived and got some fine-tuning. This ability allows Diana to project herself into different dimensional planes (generally specified as "mythological" but most mythological locations and creatures actually exist in the Multiverse). It's particularly useful when visiting places that are locked down from conventional travel, like Hell or Olympus or the mindscape of an unborn baby. The downside is that her physical body reflects any damage she receives on the psychic plane.






This particular ability is a bit confusing because many references describe astral projection when discussing Diana's teleportation capabilities. Although both involve instantaneous travel, only teleportation physically moves her (and other people!) to other places. The modern uses of this power require an artifact known as the Caduceus, which is generally in Hermes' possession, making it much more difficult to use for frivolous things like coffee runs or picking up packages at the post office.




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