10 Must Watch Episodes of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Season 2

Meg Downey

Meg Downey

Sept. 13, 2018


Back for more Batman: The Animated Series? We don't blame you! Whether you've worked your way through all the amazing stories season one has to offer or you're more interested in picking your own path through the DC Animated Universe, we've got ten more must-watch episodes for you -- season 2 style!





Of all the things The Animated Series did well, giving underappreciated villains their time in the spotlight was one of the best. In "Sideshow", we get an entire episode focused on the finer points of the one and only Killer Croc; a guy who is much more than just a scary face and scaly skin. When he escapes from the motorcade attempting to take him to prison, Waylon finds himself falling in with a crew of sideshow attractions. It just might be the first time he's ever felt like he belonged somewhere, somewhere he can actually be himself. Provided he can keep his darker impulses in check.





There can't be a list of must-watch Batman episodes without showing some love for Harley Quinn. After all, this is where she got her start. "Harlequinade" isn't Harley's first appearance, but it is where we start to get a look at her backstory and her connection to the Joker as well as her slightly twisted capacity for good -- a definite must-watch for all your Harley needs. In this episode, Harley comes to Batman and Robin's aid after the Joker steals an atomic bomb.





For most people, the idea of eternal youth sounds like a blessing. It's something that should be fought for, prized, cherished. But for actress Mary Dahl, it's a curse. Born with a rare condition that prevents her body from aging, Mary was a beloved child star who washed out of show business as her mind aged but her body did not. It caused her to experience a psychotic break, turning her into the terrifying Baby-Doll, a a person who was literally never allowed to grow up.


A Bullet for Bullock



Not everyone on the GCPD is as supportive or invested in the success of Batman as Jim Gordon. In fact, Take Detective Harvey Bullock. But even gruff cops like Bullock have moments where they're forced to confront the truth of Batman's usefulness. "A Bullet For Bullock" is a great example of the Dark Knight winning some of his staunches detractors over. At least temporarily.





Bane was the main villain in only one episode of The Animated Series, in a self-titled episode. But sometimes one shot is really all you need to make a mark -- especially if you're the guy famous for breaking the Bat. "Bane"  loosely adapts the villain's comic-book origin, and puts Bruce in one of the most challenging fights the DC Animated Universe has to offer.


Batgirl Returns



Selina Kyle and Barbara Gordon make for one of the most unexpected though enjoyable partnerships in the entire run of BTAS. "Batgirl Returns" finds both women reluctantly learning from each other, and expands Babs' role in the Animated Universe.





Batman and Catwoman have always had a complicated relationship but Batman: The Animated Series' second season takes their relationship to the next level. "Catwalk" tells the story of a Selina Kyle who finds herself at the crossroads of an important decision about her future: to become Catwoman again or to remain a civilian. It's not a choice she can make lightly. It's not even a choice she can make with only herself in mind. This episode is all about whether or not Selina can truly be the "cat who walks alone," and what that means for her relationship with Batman.


The Terrible Trio



It's always fun when Batman capers collide headlong into the civilian life of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, which is exactly what happens in "The Terrible Trio". It's an episode that takes a darker look at exactly what the very rich and very bored might get up to if they've got the the motivation -- though not the discipline -- to become a masked vigilante. It also forces Bruce to walk the line between his dual personas as he must clean up a mess in both of his lives.





If you're a hardcore DC fan, this episode is for you. Not only is it a great Ra's al Ghul showcase, it features the one and only Old West gunslinger Jonah Hex making his Animated Universe debut. From O.K. Corral-style shootouts to Jules Verne-style steampunk, "Showdown" occupies one of the wilder corners of theAnimated Series' world.


Riddler's Reform



Some of Gotham's villains are always going to be more brains than brawn, like Mr. Edward Nygma, a.k.a. The Riddler. But what happens when The Riddler's brain decides it's time for him to turn over a new leaf? Does redemption lie on the road ahead? "Riddler's Reform", like its title villain, is BTAS at its cleverest.