The 10 Most Epic Moments from TV's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Jan. 22, 2020


The Crisis is over, and what a ride it was. The Crisis on Infinite Earths television event was a one of a kind viewing experience, with comic book sensibilities and cinematic stakes. It can almost be considered a love letter to DC fans, and make no mistake – the love was reciprocated a thousandfold. There are tons of great moments to look back on, so we picked ten of our favorites to fondly remember. Here are our top 10 most epic moments from Crisis on Infinite Earths






If you’re a fan of DC-TV and films, then this crossover was the gift that kept on giving. The crossover visited various worlds throughout the multiverse, bringing back obscure characters like Alexander Knox (from 1989's Batman), fan favorites like Burt Ward (who portrayed Dick Grayson in the 1966 Batman TV series), and underrated shows like 2002’s Birds of Prey. DC Universe original programs like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing were also featured, confirming their connection the greater DC-TV multiverse. We even got our first look at Stargirl, giving fans an exciting taste of the next DC Universe original.




COIE Kevin Conroy.jpg


For years we’ve enjoyed Kevin Conroy’s vocal performances as the Dark Knight in shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League. People have often said he’s the voice they hear in their head when they read Batman comics, and now for the first time we got to see him play Bruce Wayne in live-action! Conroy’s exoskeleton suit may have pointed to the Kingdom Come version of Batman, but viewers were soon shocked to learn this Dark Knight had murdered Superman! We’ve heard Kevin Conroy voice many versions of Bruce Wayne over the years, so seeing him portray a homicidal one in live-action was a new experience in more ways than one.




COIE Smallville.jpg


Before there was an Arrowverse, DC fans got their live-action television fix from watching the Superman prequel Smallville. In some ways Smallville could be considered the father of the Arrowverse, so it was very satisfying to check in with that universe again. Not only did Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprise their roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but their scene was shot on the same farm set where Smallville had been filmed years earlier. It’s been 9 years since we last saw Tom Welling as Clark Kent, so it was nice to check in with him again, and see that he and Lois got their happily ever after.




COIE Superman vs. Superman.png


Welling wasn’t the only former Superman to reprise their role during the crossover. Legends of Tomorrow cast member Brandon Routh had previously played the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns, and got the chance to reprise his role for Crisis. Seeing Routh as Superman again was awesome, but what made the scene even more exciting was his brawl against Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel. Thanks to Lex Luthor manipulating the Book of Destiny, we were treated to Superman vs. Superman, and it was awesome. They even recreated the classic pose from the JSA Kingdom Come: Superman #1 cover!




COIE Black Lightning.jpg


Ever since Black Lightning premiered in 2018, fans have been asking when he was going to crossover with other DC TV shows. Viewers got their wish during Crisis on Infinite Earths when Jefferson Pierce was transported to the Waverider. As promised, this was more than a cameo as Black Lightning not only got to play a major role in parts 3 and 5 of the crossover, but was given a seat at the Super Friends table during the final act. Seeing Black Lightning fight side by side with the Flash and Supergirl was a sight to behold, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.




COIE Flash Death.jpg


One of the most memorable moments from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic event was the death of the Flash. For years an ominous headline from the future teased a similar fate for the Arrowverse’s Flash, and the looming Crisis made Barry wonder if his time was up. Before the Flash could sacrifice himself to stop the Anti-Monitor’s machine, his multiverse counterpart (played by John Wesley Shipp) took matters into his own hands. Shipp’s Flash took the place of Grant Gustin’s Flash, and used his speed to decimate the Anti-Monitor’s weapon until he dissolved into nothingness. This death scene gave Shipp the opportunity to get some closure for his version of Barry Allen, who never got a proper goodbye after his 1990 live-action series was cancelled. The soundtrack played notes from his theme song, and footage from his pilot episode was shown, as the Flash went for his final run. If Crisis had one perfect scene, this was it.






On December 10th, part 3 of Crisis on Infinite Earths aired and gave us the mother of all cliffhangers. The Anti-Matter wave destroyed the last of the Earths, leaving the Paragons as the only survivors of the multiverse. They were teleported to a place outside of time and space, as the Anti-Matter wave destroyed the Waverider, killing Iris West, Earth-38 Superman, Black Lightning and the rest of the crew. As the Paragons tried to figure out their next move, another shock came their way when the Earth-96 Superman faded away, and Lex Luthor took his place. It appears Lex had rewritten the Book of Destiny to kill Superman and make himself a Paragon. The cliffhanger wouldn’t be resolved until January 14th over a month later, giving fans weeks to take in the ramifications of what they had just seen. The multiverse was destroyed, the Paragons were trapped outside of time, and Lex Luthor had the Book of Destiny – talk about a cliffhanger! Thank goodness the wait wasn’t longer.






Oliver Queen’s final battle was everything we dreamed it would be. After dying and being reborn as the new Spectre, Oliver battled the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time, with the fate of all reality hanging in the balance. It was a beautiful recreation of the Spectre’s battle against the Anti-Monitor from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic event, made even more special since it was Stephen Amell’s swan song as Oliver Queen. As Spectre had the Anti-Monitor in his grasp, he looked at the evil entity and delivered a play on Oliver’s usual catchphrase: “You have failed this universe!” Although Spectre defeated the Anti-Monitor and recreated the multiverse, the battle was too much for Oliver, who died in the arms of his friends. Everything began with Oliver Queen back in 2012, and now the man once called Arrow had saved all of reality, and defeated his greatest threat. It was a poignant way to end his story.




COIE Beebo.jpg


He’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he’s rampaging through downtown Star City! Let’s face it, the biggest Arrowverse crossover would not have been complete without an appearance from Beebo. If you haven’t been watching Legends of Tomorrow, the giant furball’s attack might have been confusing for you, but trust us – this was completely on-brand for a typical Legends adventure. Beebo has grown into something of a meme within the Arrowverse, and even Ray Palmer couldn’t be bothered to take his latest rampage seriously, choosing to take a selfie instead of panicking. After seeing the multiverse die and become reborn, Beebo’s appearance added a nice bit of levity to the high stakes of the crossover.




COIE Gleek.jpg


We never thought we’d get so excited from seeing an empty cage, but sometimes a nametag makes all the difference. As the Flash unveiled the Hall of Justice to the other heroes, their inaugural “Super Friends” meeting was interrupted by the sounds of a monkey. The camera panned to an opened cage, which had the name “Gleek” written on it, as the soundtrack played a few notes from the Super Friends theme song. Fans who grew up on the classic cartoon may remember Gleek, the extraterrestrial monkey who hung around the Wonder Twins. If you needed a reason to keep watching the Arrowverse now that Crisis is over, the tease of Gleek should be more than enough. We’re not sure when the comical monkey is showing up, but when he does, we know things are going to go bananas.


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