Tony Zucco


Tony Zucco

Mafia boss Tony Zucco murdered the parents of a young Dick Grayson at Haly's Circus, resulting in the partnership of Batman and Robin.


First Appearance: DETECTIVE COMICS #39, 1940

Alias: Boss Zucco

Team Affiliations: Maroni Crime Family



When Haly’s Circus came to Gotham City, Mr. Haly himself was approached by Tony Zucco, a member of the Maroni crime syndicate, one of the many arms of Carmine Falcone’s mafia empire. Zucco demanded that Haly pay a protection fee and allow Zucco’s men to use the circus as a smuggling front. Haly refused, and in retaliation, Zucco ordered the “accident” that would orphan a young Dick Grayson, setting in motion a chain of events that would alter the landscape of Gotham forever. Zucco was convicted for his crimes after he was apprehended by Batman. He served time in Blackgate Prison before filing for parole.