Tom Kalmaku


Tom Kalmaku

A mechanic at Ferris Aircraft and one of Hal Jordan's best friends, Tom Kalmaku was among the first human beings to learn about the Green Lantern Corps.


Aliases: None

First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN vol. 2 #2, 1960

Team Affiliations: Ferris Aircraft, New Guardians



After studying aerospace engineering, Thomas Kalmaku joined Ferris Aircraft as a flight mechanic. One day he was bullied by a pilot who called him “Pieface,” and new test pilot Hal Jordan came to his defense. Kalmaku and Jordan quickly became friends. When Hal was later chosen to be the Green Lantern of Earth, he confided his secret to Tom, who acted as his sidekick for several years.


Tom eventually married his girlfriend Tegra (spelled “Terga” in her first appearance) and they had two children, Keith and Kari. After Hal Jordan was possessed by the fear entity Parallax and appeared to be corrupted, Tom helped Hal’s former girlfriend Carol Ferris rebuild Ferris Aircraft, now as a business partner. When Hal returned, free of Parallax’s influence, he and Tom resumed their friendship.


During 1988’s MILLENNIUM event, Tom was chosen as one of the New Guardians and was granted the power to “bring the best out in people.” He later left the group, however, and his time as a New Guardian has since been removed from DC continuity.