The first member of Damian Wayne's menagerie, Titus the Great Dane is as much a part of the Batman Family as any Gotham City Super Hero.


Aliases: None

First Appearance: BATMAN AND ROBIN #2, 2011

Team Affiliations: The Batman Family



Sometimes bonding with your estranged son who was raised in secret by an ancient cabal of assassins and then left on your doorstep can be a real challenge. Even when you’re Batman. After the initial shock and drama of Damian Wayne’s revelation to his father wore off, the two struggled in connecting with each other, as Damian’s murderous attitude directly conflicted with his father’s black-and-white morality. Bruce Wayne sought to mitigate the situation by making a peace offering of sorts, in the form of a Great Dane he rescued and gave to Damian as a gift. Damian at first rejected the dog, and refused to accept that an animal companion might do him good. But over time, he couldn’t help but bond with his new pet. Damian named the dog Titus, and the two became best friends. Caring for Titus awakened Damian’s love of animals, which he’s now spread across an entire menagerie of adopted furry friends.