Supergirl's pet cat, Streaky possesses the same powers as the Girl of Steel, and is a member of the Legion of Super-Pets.


Aliases: Streaky the Super-Cat

First Appearance: ACTION COMICS #261, 1960

Team Affiliations: Legion of Super-Pets



When Supergirl was experimenting on a small chunk of Kryptonite with chemicals to try to figure out an antidote, she didn’t have much luck. Frustrated, she tossed one of her failed experiments, with its resulting “X-Kryptonite,” out of her window and into the woods, where it landed near a cat that was then promptly exposed to its radiation. In a strange turn of events, the cat found itself empowered with Kryptonian abilities. Thus, Streaky the Super-Cat was born. Biologically a normal Earth cat, Streaky possessed all the powers of Kara herself, including flight and invulnerability, as well as an intellectual boost to near human-level intelligence. After adjusting to his new powers, Streaky was adopted by Kara and co-founded the Legion of Super-Pets. Since then, several interpretations of Streaky have appeared, both with and without Kryptonian abilities.