The proud wielder of the Cosmic Staff, Courtney Whitmore has fought evil as a member of the Justice Society and Justice League.


Aliases: Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore, Star-Spangled Kid, Star
First Appearance: STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. #0, July 1999

Team Affiliation: Justice Society of America, Justice Society of America All-Stars, Justice League of America, Justice League United, Young Justice




As a teenager growing up around Los Angeles, all Courtney Whitmore cared about was shopping and boys. But when she moved across the country with her mom and her new step father, she fell into a whole new life and discovered what she was really capable of, when she discovered her new step dad wasn't as much of a dweeb as she thought he was, and in fact was once a DC Super Hero. She soon took on the mantle of her step dad's former partner the Star-Spangled Kid, and the duo became the American Mid-West's new favorite crime fighters.


Filled with buckets of bright, youthful optimism, Courtney, later given the name Stargirl, became one of the newer generation of heroes to join the Justice Society of America. She proved herself among the same generation of heroes who served in World War II, earning their respect even though she was still a teenager, not exactly an easy task. She would later become a member of two different iterations of the Justice League. Representing the legacy of some of the greatest heroes who ever lived, Stargirl continues to do proud by the Super Hero community. 



stargirl-origin1-STST0.05-v1.jpg Teenaged Courtney Whitmore was born and raised in Southern California, and was the quintessential Valley Girl. The daughter of Sam Kurtis and Barbara Whitmore, after her parents divorced, her mother found a new husband named Pat Dugan. Together, they moved the family out to Blue Valley, Nebraska, the childhood home of Flash Wally West, and a far cry from the hustle and bustle of living in LA. Courtney was very unhappy with the big move, and she didn't like her stepdad new all that much either. 


One day, while going through some of her new stepfather's personal items, Courtney found the old crime fighting equipment of Sylvester Pemberton's, once better known as the Golden Age hero the Star-Spangled Kid. Soon, she realized that her stepfather Pat was once Stripesy, who was famous for being the only adult sidekick to a teenage Super Hero ever. Being a teenager herself, Courtney found the perfect way to humiliate her step dad with this new found knowledge. Wearing a star-spangled costume of her own to a school dance as a way of making fun of him, but they were soon attacked by the villainous Dragon King's henchmen. It was then that Pat Dugan debuted his new S.T.R.I.P.E. Armor to stop them, and along with his Courtney, they saved the day together. 


Putting aside their differences, the two decided to become a crime fighting team, Star-Spangled Kid and S.T.R.I.P.E. As it turned out, Courtney's arch rival in high school, the ever popular mean girl Cindy Burman, was the daughter of Dragon King's, and took the codename Shiv. The two became arch enemies both on and off campus. During her Blue Valley adventures, she teamed up with the current bearer of the mantle of Starman, Jack Knight. When Jack decided to retire from the Super Hero life, he passed down his cosmic rod to Courtney, after having seen her in battle. Carrying on the Starman legacy, she changed her codename to Stargirl. She became a junior member of the newly reformed Justice Society of America not long afterwards.


As Stargirl, Courtney finds that she must deal with the legacy of Sylvester Pemberton, whose Super Hero name she carried. She confronts the monster Solomon Grundy, who murdered Pemberton. Courtney also encounters Merry Pemberton, the sister of the original Star-Spangled Kid who went by the name Merry, Girl of a 1,000 Gimmicks. Although she was at first leery of this teen hero taking on the mantle of her brother, Courtney eventually earned her respect, and received her blessing.


Courtney's romantic life becomes complicated, when JSA member Captain Marvel (A.K.A. Shazam), begins to develop feelings for her. Although he is actually teenager Billy Batson in reality, to the rest of the world, they see him as a full grown man, and his relationship with Courtney is frowned upon by the other members of the team, causing him to leave rather than reveal his secret identity. 



Post Infinite Crisis (2005-2010)

stargirl-origin2-Starman-#80_42-v1.jpg After the world shaking the event known as the Infinite Crisis, the JSA disbanded. But not long after, the original surviving members Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat reformed the team, and Stargirl was once again a member of the group. She soon befriended the original Red Tornado Ma Hunkel's granddaughter, Maxine Hunkel, and helped her become a legacy hero herself, when she took on the name Cyclone. 


Not long after, the Justice Society split into two teams, with many of the younger members becoming the JSA All-Stars, including Courtney. But Stargirl is uneasy about leaving the main JSA, until Power Girl convinces her that she is an inspiration to many of the younger members of the team who see her as a role model, so she decides to stay on board. Courtney has a romantic interest in the older hero Albert Rothstein, A.K.A. Atom Smasher, but it is a relationship that never really takes off due to the age difference. 



The New 52 (2011—2016)

After the DC Universe history is once again rebooted due to events of Flashpoint, Stargirl's history is altered. There was never a Justice Society in this new reality, and the first time we see Stargirl is as a member of the government sanctioned Justice League of America, which was put together by Amanda Waller. Much of her origin story remained the same as before, but only now both the original Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy were not Golden Age heroes. 


There is a new tragic element to this backstory, as when Stargirl defeated the criminal Shadow Thief, he later got his revenge on her in a truly horrific way. One day when she returned home from adventuring, she found Shadow Thief had ransacked her home, seriously wounded her parents, and her younger stepbrother was killed. This made Courtney reevaluate her career as a Super Hero, but she ultimately decided to honor her brother by becoming the best hero she could be. It was not long after she decided to become a member of the Justice League of America, and later, the Canada based Justice League United.


Powers and Abilities

stargirl-powers-JLA_11_P.8-v1.jpg As Stargirl, Courtney has no natural super powers, but is aided by Sylvester Pemberton's Cosmic Converter Belt, which grants her enhanced agility, durability, speed, stamina, and strength. It also gives her the ability to create a powerful force field. Courtney's most important weapon is another legacy item from a renowned Super-Hero, as passed down to her from Starman is the Cosmic Rod, which gives her the ability to fly and create energy projection. As part of her time serving with teams like the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America, she's had extensive training in various forms of combat as well, making her a formidable opponent event without all of her amazing gadgets.












Essential Storylines and History



“A Chilly Day In Opal” (STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. #0, July 1999)


Courtney Whitmore is introduced to the DC Universe in this issue, as another new young legacy hero, in an era when many fresh faces were taking on the mantle of well- respected Super Heroes like Green Lantern, Green Arrow and many more. This story introduces us to the Star-Spangled Kid and S.T.R.I.P.E as a crime fighting team in an adventure that takes place in Opal City while Courtney is on a field trip. The duo fight alongside Starman in his battle against the newest incarnation of the villainous Icicle.




"New Kid On The Block" (STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. #1, 1999)


stargirl-essential2-JSA_01_C1-v1.jpg In her proper origin story, we see how Southern California based Courtney Whitmore moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska with her mother and her new step-father, Pat Dugan. When she discovers that Pat used to be Stripesy, part of a famous Super-Hero duo in the 1940s, she puts on a variation of the old Star-Spangled Kid costume and becomes a Super-Hero herself, and pulls her step dad out of retirement.




"Justice Be Done" (JSA #1, 1999)


When the Justice Society of America was reformed in the late '90s, populated mostly by legacy heroes inspired by the Golden Age adventures of the original JSA, Star-Spangled Kid was among them. It was during this time that she transitioned from the name Star Spangled Kid and became Stargirl, now representing the legacy of Starman on the team. In these early adventures on the team, Stargirl truly came into her own as a hero, and earned the respect of veterans who had been in the game for decades. 



"The All-Stars" (JSA ALL-STARS #1, 2010)

stargirl-essential4-JSAAS-Cv1-ds-1.jpg After the younger members of the Justice Society and the elder statesmen find themselves spilt down the middle over how to best proceed as Super-Heroes in the 21st century, the JSA then divides into two teams. The majority of the JSA's younger members form a new team called the Justice Society of America All-Stars, and despite her loyalty to the senior members, Power Girl convinces Stargirl to join this new team. It was during her stint on this splinter group that Courtney became especially close with the heroine Cyclone.



“World's Most Dangerous” (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1, 2013)

In the post-FLASHPOINT DC Universe, Stargirl is introduced as a member of the government sanctioned Justice League of America, which was created as a counterpoint to the independent Justice League which had Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as members. Although there is a version of her original team the JSA on Earth-2, in this new reality, Courtney only exists on the main Earth of the DCU. 


She winds up being chosen by Amanda Waller as the public face for this new JLA's public relations campaign, due to her All-American youthful image. After the events of FOREVER EVIL, the government run JLA disbands, and Stargirl joins the independently operating Justice League United, where she serves with former JLA teammates like Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow.


Team Affiliations

  • • Justice Society of America
  • • JSA All-Stars
  • • Justice League of America
  • • Justice League United

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