As brilliant as the sun from which she derives her powers, Koriand'r of Tamaran has refused to let the torments she's suffered crush her spirit.


Aliases: Princess Koriand’r, Kory Anders

First Appearance: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26, 1980



Koriand'r, heir to the throne of the planet Tamaran, has played a multitude of roles over the course of her long, tumultuous history – from princess to slave to Teen Titan. An alien who was ousted from her home via a coup led by her devious older sister, and later captured by torturous alien scientists, Kori's past is as unpleasant as they come. But she's never let the suffering that’s marked her life break her gentle spirit. 


Kori's arrival on Earth was the result of a happy accident that landed her right in the middle of a pivotal moment in Teen Titans history. With the team, she began a new life, and made a home for herself among her new friends and family, shedding the horrors of her past. She came to love Earth and its inhabitants, though their customs occasionally confused her. 


A bright-eyed, curious, and compassionate person, Kori is quick to make friends and quicker still to become the center of attention wherever she goes. But her sometimes naive persona should never be taken for granted – under it lies the fierce heart of a once and future Tamaranian queen. 



As a child on her home planet of Tamaran, Koriand'r was a princess, directly in line to become her people's next ruling monarch. To the chagrin of her older sister, Komand'rKomand'r, who was passed over in the line of succession due to her inability to harness solar energy and fly – a critical social signifier in Tamaranian culture.


Komand'r, however, was not so easily pushed aside. She organized a plot to betray all of Tamaran and ignite a war between her people and their enemies, a group known as the Citadel. With the Citadel in power, Koriand'r was imprisoned, and enslaved and placed under her sister's vengeful iron fist. For years, Koriand'r suffered at the hands of her captors while her homeworld was pillaged by the conquering Citadel. 


It wasn't until a third alien race, the Psions, intervened and ultimately changed Kori's fate. The Psions captured both Kori and Komand'r, and subjected them to a battery of sadistic tests which had a strange side effect on Kori's biology. She developed the ability to create "starbolts" – concentrated energy fired from her hands – which she used to free herself. After hijacking a spaceship, she fled to the nearest planet: Earth. Kori promptly found the recently re-formed Teen Titans, who taught her to use her new powers and unique Tamaranian abilities to become a champion for her adopted home. 



As a Tamaranian, Kori has a physiology that allows her to harness solar energy and fly, and gives her super strength, increased healing, and heightened longevity and endurance. She can withstand tremendous heat and cold, hold her breath for much longer than a human, and is essentially invulnerable to any weapon. 




Kori also has the ability to produce "starbolts" from her hands and eyes, and is capable of focusing ultraviolet energy to fire these blasts a great distance from her body. In some instances, she's able to surround herself with glowing ultraviolet energy, producing a green aura that can shield her from physical attacks.



Welcome to Earth (New Teen Titans, 1980 – 1988


Kori's arrival on Earth coincided with the re-formation of the Teen Titans, at which time she first met Robin, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Raven. In order to "learn English," one of her first actions was to grab Robin and kiss him, since Tamaranian physiology allowed for instant language acquisition from mouth-to-mouth contact. 


Kori adopted the codename “Starfire” and began working as a Teen Titan full time, learning Earth's customs by immersing herself in the planet's culture between bouts of heroism. She took the human name Kory Anders and began working as a fashion model. 


Kori's connection with Dick Grayson turned to romance, and the two of them began an intense love affair. But their relationship faced constant interruptions. In the midst of 1985-1986’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Kori was forced to return to Tamaran and enter a politically arranged marriage, forcing a massive wedge between Dick and herself. When the marriage ended, the two reconnected once more. 


Shortly thereafter, Kori's sister Komand'r, now calling herself “Blackfire,” stormed back into her life (New Teen Titans #23, 1982). Blackfire kidnapped Kori in an attempt to return her to slavery. Thankfully, the other Titansrest of the Titans journeyed into space to rescue her and defeat her sister.



Becoming a Mentor (Titans, Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, Teen Titans 1990 – 2007)

At the dawn of the ‘90s, Dick and Kori were engaged to be married, and even made it as far as walking down the aisle. But the ceremony was interrupted by an evil, possessed version of their former teammate Raven (New Titans #100, 1993). 


The marriage was never reattempted. And the two of them never quite managed to make things work as well ever again, though they remained close friends and allies.


When the Titans were reformed after 1999’s JLA/TITANS: THE TECHNIS IMPERATIVE, Kori was recruited to be part of the team, alongside Cyborg, Aqualad, Argent, Nightwing, The Flash, and Damage. 


After the catastrophic events of TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY (2003), Kori joined with the next generation of Teen Titans when her core team disbanded. She worked alongside her former teammates Cyborg and Beast Boy as a mentor for the younger heroes until the Titans reformed again in 2008.



Rebellion (R.E.B.E.L.S., Justice League of America 2009 – 2011)

Following the events of BLACKEST NIGHT, Kori was invited to join a new iteration of the Justice League by her Titans teammate, Donna Troy. She accepted, but only remained on the team for a very short time before duty called her away. 


Kori then left Earth altogether, returning to Tamaran to unite with a new team, the R.E.B.E.L.S, led by Vril Dox; in an attempt to start mitigating some of the more cosmic crises of the DC universe. She remained with this team off and on until 2011’s “Flashpoint” event realigned continuity.




The New 52 (2011 – 2016)

Kori was reintroduced in the New 52’s RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS (2011), in which most of her original backstory remained intact but was truncated and modified within the altered timeline. Kori joined The Outlaws, alongside Jason Todd and Roy Harper. The three of them operated under a dubious moral code. 


The Outlaws lasted until 2014, at which time Kori had a falling out with the team, due to tensions with her sister Komand'r. Kori left Earth temporarily, and severed all ties with Jason and Roy. 


In 2015, Kori emerged for her solo series, STARFIRE. In this series, Kori lived and worked in Key West, Florida, spending most of her time attempting to live a normal life rather than that of a superhero. 




Rebirth (2016 – present)

Following the events of 2016’s Rebirth, Kori has reconnected with the Teen Titans. She was among the first recruited by Damian Wayne to join his new version of the team; and she’s worked with Damian as the Titans’ leader – for better or for worse – since 2016’s Teen Titans: Rebirth TEEN TITANS: REBIRTH #1. But while Damian functioned as the team’s official leader, the team tended to defer to Starfire’s experience behind Robin’s back.


In NO JUSTICE, Starfire’s homeworld of Tamaran was one of many liberated from miniaturized captivity on Colu into an uninhabited corner of the universe dubbed the “Ghost Sector.” Alongside Cyborg, Azrael, and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Starfire ventured into the Ghost Sector in JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY to discover what became of her home, but would soon be caught up within the larger machinations of Darkseid.




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