Star Sapphire


Star Sapphire

With control over the emotional spectrum's violet light of love, the Star Sapphires believe that love will always triumph, no matter the cost.


Aliases: Carol Ferris, Dela Pharon, Deborah Camille Darnell, Jillian Pearlman, Nol-Anj
First Appearance: ALL-FLASH COMICS #32, 1947




While the fabled Green Lantern Corps wields the energy of willpower, there is another power out in the cosmos who wields the energy of love -- the all-female alien race called the Zamarons, whose cosmic gemstones known as Star Sapphires have powers that rival that of a Green Lantern's ring. But love can sometimes be also be deadly, and many of the women who have taken on the powers and name of the Star Sapphire have been lethal adversaries for heroes like Earth's Green Lantern and the Flash, and also sometimes their ally.


Perhaps the most well-known Star Sapphire has been Carol Ferris, the on again/off again girlfriend of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. When Carol, along with any of the other women who have taken the mantle of Star Sapphire, take possession of the Zamaron's gem, they display extraordinary energy based powers on par with any member of the Green Lantern Corps. Unfortunately, the powers of the Star Sapphire often drives its hosts to the point of madness, but in recent years the wielder of the name Star Sapphire has also been a heroic one, proving that love can be as powerful a weapon as willpower. 



Golden Age

starsapphire-origin-GL16_6-v1.jpg The very first character to debut with the name Star Sapphire made only a handful of   appearances during the Golden Age of Comics, and was actually an adversary to the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, not Green Lantern. This version of Star Sapphire, whose true name was never discovered, was a self-described queen hailing from the 7th Dimension, who tried to destroy the Earth by abolishing all plant life, thereby rendering the world without oxygen, leaving it uninhabitable by human beings. Decades later, it was revealed that this being had been selected to be Queen of the Zamarons, but her maniacal ways had showed her to be unworthy of the title, and she was banished to the 7th dimension.



Silver Age 

Carol Ferris was the president of Ferris Air, and both the employer and girlfriend of test pilot Hal Jordan, who was secretly the Green Lantern of Earth. The pair had an instant attraction to each other, but their relationship got very complicated, when Carol was chosen to become the queen of an immortal race of alien warrior women called the Zamarons. These Zamarons were related to the same race which later evolved into the Guardians of the Universe, who were in charge of the Green Lantern Corps. As queen, Carol was given a powerful Star Sapphire gemstone, one that gave her powers comparable to any Green Lantern.


Despite being chosen as their new Queen, Carol did not want to leave Earth, because of her intense love for Jordan. Not willing to take no for an answer, the Zamarons brainwashed Carol into believing that Green Lantern was her sworn enemy. When Green Lantern managed to defeat her, the Zamarons deemed Ferris unworthy of being their queen, and removed her memory of ever having been the Star Sapphire, but they did leave behind not only the gem, which Hal kept in his possession, but also left Carol with a subconscious knowledge of her powers.


Another Star Sapphire would emerge during this era as well, when the Zamarons chose Dela Pharon from the planet Xanador as their new queen, and bearer of the Star Sapphire power, by giving her another gemstone, of which there were five total. However, a rival group of Zamarons insisted that it was Carol Ferris who should remain their rightful queen. Furious at the notion of another Star Sapphire, Pharon goes to Earth and attacks Carol, who once again becomes the Star Sapphire, and battles Pharon for the right to wear the crown. 


Over the next several years, The Star Sapphire personality and powers would reemerge from within Carol from time to time, and she and Green Lantern would find themselves at odds. But with each encounter Hal Jordan would find a way to defeat the Star Sapphire personality and revert Carol back to normal, usually wiping her memory of the ever having been Star Sapphire at all. 



Bronze Age

During the 1970s, Earth was introduced to its fourth Star Sapphire, the alien from the planet Pandina named Remoni-Notra, who was newly chosen by the Zamarons to be their queen. Remoni-Notra was given one of the five Star Sapphire stones, and soon after she fled to Earth to try and find Carol Ferris and steal her gem as well. Upon arriving on Earth, she joined the Secret Society of Super Villains as the latest woman to go by the name Star Sapphire, and used her newfound abilities to try and locate Ferris.


Remoni-Notra took the alias Deborah Darnell during her time on Earth, and she became a stewardess at Ferris Aircraft, all in an effort to get close to Ferris in order to take her Star Sapphire gem from her and increase her powers. Debbie Darnell fought not only Green Lantern, but also the entire Justice League as a member of the Secret Society. Much like Carol did, she dated a Super-Hero, the adventurer called Captain Comet.  She was eventually mind-wiped at the request by Hal Jordan in an effort to protect Carol Ferris from her.




Despite other women taking on the mantle of Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris kept getting drawn into its orbit time and again. When Carol had the Star Sapphire persona seemingly removed from her for good, she then developed a third subconscious identity, the so-called "Predator", which was male. Once it was physically separated from Carol, the Predator began to seduce her, as she was oblivious to the fact that it was ever a part of herself. Eventually, Hal Jordan defeated the Predator in battle, but was helpless to stop it from merging with Carol into Star Sapphire once again. Eventually, the Predator returned, and revealed that he was actually an ancient parasite from the planet Maltus. He then transformed Carol into a fully evil version of Star Sapphire, who eventually murdered Green Lantern Katma Tui, wife of Green Lantern John Stewart.


Eventually, the Predator and this iteration of Star Sapphire were completely separated from Carol, and Carol discovered that she and Star Sapphire were in reality two separate beings, and Sapphire wasn't merely Carol transformed, but an entity who actually took possession of her body. Believing she was finally free for good, Carol then attempted to put her romantic past with Hal Jordan behind her, and married someone else. But she never truly got over her feelings for Hal Jordan, and ultimately this marriage ended in divorce. 



Modern Age

The next Star Sapphire was another one of Hal Jordan's girlfriends, a fellow Air Force pilot Jillian Pearlman, who went by the nickname "Cowgirl." When Carol once again became Star Sapphire when the original gem resurfaced, she attacked Cowgirl, but the Star Sapphire gem left Carol again and possessed Cowgirl instead, drawn towards her intense feelings for Hal Jordan. It was during this time that Carol learned that the gem taps into her feelings of love, much like a Green Lantern ring taps into the wearer's willpower. 


Hal Jordan was able to remove the Star Sapphire from her being, but not long after, four representatives of the Zamaron race offered both Cowgirl and Carol Ferris membership in their newly created Star Sapphire Corps, also known as the Violet Lanterns. The five Star Sapphire gems were deemed to uncontrollable for any one person to wield, so they were combined into a central power battery, and then individual power rings would channel their energy, just like Green Lantern rings did.


Although at first Carol declined to become a member of the Star Sapphire Corps, she later reluctantly chose to wear the ring when she was informed about the forthcoming Blackest Night, and that her beloved Hal was supposed to die in this event. Only the combined light of the different emotional spectrums could stop the Black Lanterns, so Carol accepted the responsibility in order to save Hal. Carol was now part of a larger group of Star Sapphires, who tried to wield their love energy to do some good in the universe.


New 52

In the wake of 2011's FLASHPOINT event, a new villainous Star Sapphire entered the picture, one who would seek to undo all the good the Violet Lantern Corps had done to redeem the Star Sapphire legacy. This deadly new Star Sapphire was the alien Prixiam known as Nol-Anj, a former prisoner of the Oan sciencells, jailed for a variety of different crimes. As time passed in her cell, she seduced her guard, a Green Lantern named Cossite, who fell madly in love with her. During an attack on Oa, a member of the Star Sapphire Corps who arrived to aid in the defense of the planet is killed in battle, and the dead Sapphire's ring flies to Nol-Anj, and she becomes a Star Sapphire herself. 


Although Cossite believes that her being chosen is proof that she loves him, she then kills him once she if free of the cell, telling him in his dying moments that the love the ring detected inside of her was not for him, but for her clan on her homeworld. She then flees for space sector 0563, home of her clan, a group of scavengers and pirates, who then make her their queen. This new Star Sapphire queen becomes an even deadlier threat to the galaxy than Carol Ferris or any of her other successors ever were, and a thorn in the side of the Green Lantern Corps.


Powers and Abilities

Carol Ferris and the first several women to take the name Star Sapphire used a powerful gemstone that contained the violet energy of created by the alien warrior race the Zamarons. The Star Sapphire worked similarly to how a Green and Yellow Lantern ring worked, but while those rings channeled the powers of willpower and fear, the Star Sapphire channeled love, one of the energies of the emotional spectrum. When each new host took on the mantle of the Star Sapphire and took possession of the gemstone, they could control the powers like force blasts, creating protective shields, and flight. 


Once the Zamarons' realized that the Star Sapphire gem was uncontrollable, they converted the gems into a Violet Central Power Battery which would fuel the rings of their Star Sapphire Corps. The Star Sapphire Power rings have the ability to control energies like gravity, radiation, heat, light, as well as blasts of concussive force, similar to other types of power rings. It also enabled interstellar travel for the owner. 


Unique to the Star Sapphire ring however, is the power to create force fields formed from a mysterious energy bound by the users' love and will. A Star Sapphire ring also has the unique power to crystallize others with the power of love, encasing a victim in a form of suspended animation. The power has been known to even crystallize an entire planet in a limited amount of time.


Essential Storylines and History


"The Secret Life of Star-Sapphire!" (GREEN LANTERN #16, 1962)

Although Carol Ferris had been around in the pages of GREEN LANTERN for almost two years by this point (after first appearing in SHOWCASE #22, 1959), both as Hal Jordan's boss and his girlfriend, their relationship took on a whole new dimension when Carol, while flying in her private jet, is captured by the Zamarons and selected to become their next queen. Given the powerful gemstone which houses their collective energies by the Zamarons, she is forced to battle Green Lantern to prove her worthiness as the Zamaron ruler, but is defeated and then has her memory of the event erased. But this was far from the last time Carol would become the Star Sapphire. 




“The Double Life of Star Sapphire!" (GREEN LANTERN #41, 1965)

starsapphire-essential2-doubletrouble-GL_41_01_clr-v1.jpg Carol Ferris finds herself injured while testing a new plane, and while in the hospital she is exposed once more to the alien gemstone and becomes Star Sapphire again. As she resumes her battle with Green Lantern, another Star Sapphire, an alien named Dela Pharon, also comes to Earth, and fights Carol for the right to be the one true Zamaron queen. Green Lantern ultimately forces Dela to restore Carol back to normal, after which she awakens in her hospital bed once again, with no memory of what had happened. 





starsapphire-essential3-strengthinnumbers-SSOSVv1_SC_Cv-v1.jpg A third Star Sapphire emerged when the alien woman named Remoni-Notra came to Earth and disguised herself as flight attendant Deborah Darnell, all in an effort to steal the Star Sapphire gem from Ferris Air owner Carol Ferris, and become the new Zamaron queen. In her first appearance, she joins several other noteworthy DC criminals as a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, called together by a mysterious benefactor, who was later revealed to be Darkseid.



"... And The Pain Shall Leave My Heart" (ACTION COMICS #601, 1988)

Carol Ferris would commit her greatest act of evil as Star Sapphire, when she becomes fully possessed by the Star Sapphire entity, and kills former Green Lantern Katma Tui in her own kitchen, a vicious act meant as revenge against Hal Jordan and all the Green Lantern Corps. Carol was later absolved of this brutal crime when it was revealed that this version of Star Sapphire was not an alternate personality of Carol's, but another being entirely which possessed her.



"Mystery of the Star Sapphires" (GREEN LANTERN #18-20, 2007) 

This storyline reframes the Star Sapphires for the modern age of comics, as Carol Ferris learns that the history of the Star Sapphire gemstone, and finds a new rival for Hal Jordan's affections in fellow pilot Jillian Pearlman, who also gets chosen to become a Star Sapphire. These issues see the dawn of what would become the Violet Lantern Corps, and lead into the events known as the War of Light. 



"Unknown" (GREEN LANTERN #23, 2013 )

starsapphire-essential4-thelegacytarnished-GL_Cv23_ds-1-v1.jpg After the universe shattering events of the War of Light and the Blackest Night, Carol Ferris had done much to save the reputations of the Violet Lanterns across the galaxy. But another new and deadly Star Sapphire would emerge, directly from the prisons of Oa. Named Nol-Anj, this latest Star Sapphire was more savage than the previous bearers of the mantle, and did much to undo the good the Violent Lanterns had done to redeem the Star Sapphire name.                            

















Team Affiliations

  • • The Star Sapphire Corps
  • • The Zamarons
  • • The Secret Society of Super-Villains
  • • The Legion of Doom

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  • • Green Lantern (2011)



  • • Justice League: The New Frontier
  • • Justice League: Doom
  • • DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year




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  • • Justice League
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  • • Green Lantern: The Animated Series
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