Professor Pyg


Professor Pyg

For some, the pursuit of perfection is just a dream, but for Lazlo Valentine, also known as Professor Pyg, it is a deadly, all-consuming obsession.


Aliases: Lazlo Valentin

First Appearance: BATMAN #666, 2007

Team Affiliations: Circus of Strange, Leviathan



A criminal psychopath to the highest degree, Lazlo Valentin believes he is an artist striving for perfection in his crimes. Named Professor Pyg both for the pig-like face mask he wears and for Pygmalion, the Greek myth about a sculptor who falls in love with one of his creations, Lazlo has dedicated his life to making “Dollotrons”—mutilated victims he brainwashes and reshapes to have doll masks permanently attached to their original faces via plastic surgery to conform to his vision. An expert chemist and a proficient surgeon, Lazlo’s modifications make his Dollotrons incredibly difficult to rehabilitate. More dangerous still is Lazlo’s predisposition toward emotionally volatile outbursts, another manifestation of his pathology. Unlike many of Gotham City’s criminals, Professor Pyg, who’s crossed paths on several occasions with members of the Batman Family, is not looking for wealth or power. He merely sees himself as a slave to his art, beholden to the responsibility of making everything he touches, in his own words, perfect.