Members of the Green Lantern Corps come in all shapes and sizes, but none larger than Mogo, a sentient planet from sector 2261.


Alias: Green Lantern of Space Sector 2261
First Appearance: GREEN LANTER vol. 2 #188, 1985

Team Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps



One of the most unique beings in the known universe, Mogo is a living, sentient planet. It is also a member of the Green Lantern Corps, the universal peacekeeping force. For years, many beings across the cosmos assumed Mogo was the home of a renowned Green Lantern and searched the planet for a ring wielder, not realizing that it was the planet itself who was a Lantern. Only from orbit could one see the Green Lantern symbol appear across the planet in Mogo's equatorial area. 


Mogo has long held a special role within the Green Lantern Corps, as it had taken on the role of a training and recreation planet for its fellow Green Lanterns. Many novice members of the Green Lantern Corps have traveled to Mogo to seek its spiritual counsel and guidance. Mogo also bears the huge responsibility of guiding Green Lantern power rings that no longer have users to new owners. It is said that without Mogo, the rings would be directionless. Although it has been destroyed more than once, Mogo always finds a way to heal itself. In recent years, since the destruction of the planet Oa, Mogo has become the headquarters for the Green Lantern Corps, making it perhaps the Corps’ most important member.