The Last Czarnian and "The Main Man", Lobo is the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy.                                                                                            


Aliases: “The Main Man,” The Last Czarnian, The Master Fragger, The ‘Bo, The Ultimate Bastich
First Appearance: OMEGA MEN #3, 1983




He’s the best bounty hunter in the known universe, and the last sentient being you’d ever want to get into a bar fight with if you hope to make it out in one piece. He’s the intergalactic alien bad ass known as Lobo, often called by his nickname “The Main Man,” and if you’re lucky, you’ll never cross his path. 


You might be asking yourself why an alien being would be named after an Earth animal, even one as fierce as a wolf. That’s because the word “Lobo” in this instance translates into “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it” in the ancient Khund dialect. Turns out, his parents could not have given him a more fitting name.


Riding around the spaceways on his “space cycle” which he named Spacehog, Lobo exhibits all the traits someone would associate with a biker in a Hell’s Angel’s style motorcycle gang on Earth, from his long hair, tattoos, down to his kill or be killed attitude. There’s nothing in the galaxy that Lobo loves more than his pet dolphins, a good fight, the ladies, and getting drunk in some intergalactic dive bar, and probably all in that order. 


Over the years, Lobo has fought on the side of both the good guys and the bad, pretty much just drifting towards whoever pays him the most to get the job done, or which side promises him the better, bloodier fight. He’s tussled with Superman and the Justice League, and just about every Super Hero in the DC universe. 



lobo-origin-OMEG_03_21-v1.jpg The man we now call Lobo was born on the planet Czarnia, a peaceful world filled with peaceful, nearly immortal beings. When Lobo was born, no one on his planet had never seen anything quite so dark and nasty before. This bad-to-the-bone baby bit off four fingers from the nurse who delivered him, causing her to go insane and check herself into a mental ward – the first person on Czarnia to do so in thousands of years. 


For his school science project, little Lobo decided to wipe out his entire race as an experiment. It worked, leaving him the last known Czarnian. Since his teachers were now dead, Lobo gave himself an “A.” As an adult, Lobo started roaming the universe, using his abilities and his talent for carnage into becoming the galaxy’s #1 bounty hunter.


As a bounty hunter, Lobo gave himself the nickname “The Main Man,” and no one was dumb enough to argue with him. Lobo loves using alien curse words like “frag” and “bastich,” although no one seems to know what their literal translation into English is. Rumor has it that Lobo’s very first bounty was a man named Bastiche, and he just liked the way it sounded. 


Lobo first came to prominence during the Citadel Wars, which engulfed the part of the galaxy inhabited by the Teen Titans’ allies known as the Omega Men. Eventually, Lobo made his way to Earth, taking on a contract from their enemy Manga Khan to take out the Justice League International. This would be the first of many run-ins with the Super Heroes of Earth, including Superman. Since Lobo isn’t the kind of guy who ever just quits a fight, Superman once had to fake his own death to get the Main Man to leave Earth.


There are only a handful of beings in the universe that Lobo genuinely loves, and first among those are his space dolphins. To protect this peaceful, spacefaring creatures, seemingly the only beings in the universe that can reach Lobo’s black heart, he ended up joining the intergalactic police force known as L.E.G.I.O.N. The leader of the group, Vril Dox II, offered to care and pamper Lobo’s pet dolphins in exchange for his services. Lobo accepted, and for a time, fought on the side of the angels.


The other beings Lobo has a bit of a soft spot for are the owner of his favorite space diner, Al’s, and it’s only waitress, a woman named Darlene. Al and Darlene actually tend to do quite well due to Lobo's seemingly endless appetite for destruction. He manages to always destroy the city around Al’s, except for the diner, which always leaves an army of construction workers with literally only one place to eat lunch. 


Over the next several years, Lobo would flip flop between being a sort of/kind of good guy, to being a ruthless bounty hunter, usually with the bounty hunter side winning out. Eventually, Lobo would turn a new leaf and abandon his violent tendencies for a time, having found religion, and becoming an archbishop in the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish God. During this time, he also came into possession of the powerful Emerald Eye of Ekron. The Triple Fish God eventually released Lobo from his vow of non-violence, and in return, Lobo killed him using the Emerald Eye.


During a battle on Apokolips, Lobo finally kicked the bucket. Ending up in Hell (what, did you think he’d go to the other place?), Lobo turned out to actually be too bad for hell, and escaped once more to the land of the living. He has subsequently been banned from entering either Heaven or Hell. For a brief while, Lobo even joined up with the rage powered Red Lantern Corps. Wherever there is the greatest likelihood of violence occurring in the universe, usually, that’s where you’ll still find the Main Man.


Powers and Abilities

lobo-powers-JUSTLSSQE_4_p29-v1.jpg Let’s not mince words – Lobo is basically immortal and impossible to kill. The best way to defeat him is to appeal to his sense of honor, or hope he gets bored and moves on. And even if Lobo were somehow to die, he’s already been banned from both Heaven and Hell, so they’d just send him back anyway. Lobo has superhuman strength and durability, invulnerability, immortality, super speed, regenerative powers and super fast healing, and does not need food, water, air or sleep, and can survive in the vacuum of space. How he manages to light all those cigars in the vacuum of space remains a mystery.


One power Lobo no longer has that he once did is bio-fission. It used to be that if Lobo spilled one drop of blood, that drop would become another fully sentient clone of Lobo, allowing for an army of Lobos. This power was removed by his L.E.G.I.O.N. boss Vril Dox II. He also has a tracking ability that allows him to track his prey from across galactic distances.


Although it’s hard to believe, given that Lobo acts like the biggest idiot in the galaxy most of the time, he has a genius level intellect. Granted, this genius intellect is used mostly just for violent ends, but it’s the truth. Lobo also can speak over 17,897 languages. In addition to all these fantastic abilities, Lobo also has access to some of the biggest space guns the ‘90s allowed.







Essential Storylines and History


“Assault on Euphorix” (THE OMEGA MEN #3, 1983)

When Lobo first appeared, he was less “Hell’s Angel” and more “Cirque du Soleil” in his appearance. Nevertheless, looks can be deceiving, and he played a big role in the intergalactic Citadel Wars, coming into conflict with the alien freedom fighters called the Omega Men. Although he initially fought the Omega Men, he later ended up working for them on a job after the wars, where he was sent to infiltrate a Citadel prison facility and free some of the Omega Men’s compatriots. He did this while managing to kill the surviving leader of the Citadel military forces, much to the Omega Men’s relief. 




“Where No League Has Gone Before!” (JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #18-19, 1988)

lobo-essential2-meetingthejusticeleague-JLI018CVR-v1.jpg Lobo resurfaced years later on Earth, after he had taken out a contract on the Justice League from their intergalactic nemesis, Manga Khan. Lobo actually infiltrated the League, and pretended to be their friend for a time (well, pretended as well as he could), only waiting for the signal from his employer to strike. 


Eventually, Manga Khan canceled the contract and Lobo went on his merry way, but he never missed an opportunity to travel back to Earth to kick some Super-Hero ass after that. A favorite target of his was none other than Superman. It was during this appearance that Lobo began sporting the look that would make him famous – black leather jacket, long hair, rugged boots, and chomping on a big cigar.




“The Last Czarnian” (LOBO #1-4, 1990-1991)

lobo-essential3-makinganame-JLI018CVR-v1.jpg While under contract to L.E.G.I.O.N., Lobo is assigned to travel to a detention facility in deep space and escort a prisoner off the planet, and he is aghast to learn that the prisoner is not only a fellow Czarnian (a race he thought he had completely wiped off the face of the galaxy), but she was none other than Miss Tribb, his fourth grade teacher. It appears that during her time in the Big House, Miss Tribb has written a biography of Lobo that is quite popular. Despite wanting nothing more than to kill her and make his genocide complete, Lobo’s code of honor means he has to fulfill his contract and deliver her. But he doesn’t have to like it.




Glory Days (LOBO #1-4, 1993-1999)

lobo-essential4-glorydays-LOB93_01-Cover-1-v1.jpg After his initial mini-series was an enormous hit, the Main Man found himself starring in several specials, one-shots and mini-series, and eventually got his own ongoing series which ran for 64 issues, from 1993-1999. During this time, Lobo’s adventures got even more outlandish, as he took on a contract from Santa Claus to kill the Easter Bunny, attempted to become a pop star, and he even got magically transformed into a teenager for a time, named "‘Lil Lobo." While collecting his various bounties, he has ended up in brawl with nearly every hero in the DC Universe at one time or another, leaving massive property damage, and massive migraine headaches, in his wake.




“Targets” (LOBO #1-13, 2014-2016)

lobo-essential5-new52-JLOBO_Cv1_ds-1-v1.jpg Lobo seemingly dropped off the universal radar for some time, but when the universe altering event Flashpoint happened, a new version of Lobo emerged on the scene. This Lobo was a Czarnian slaver who killed the rest of his race, except for the love of his life, the Princess Sheba. This iteration of the character was much more clean cut and thin that the previous version, someone the previous Lobo would call “a fraggin’ emo pretty boy.”


This version of Lobo, who was much more refined, was originally the bodyguard to the Czarnian Royal family, and due to a strange ritual involving the planet's "life blood", he was able to gain regenerative abilities, connecting himself and the planet’s Emperor to the entire world. However, a contamination occurred in this "life blood", causing the Czarnian Emperor and any Czarnians who underwent the ritual to go totally insane. This tragic event is what forced Lobo to commit planetary euthanasia, whereas before he pretty much did it just for fun. A Lobo who resembled the pre-Flashpoint emerged on Earth, but was said to be an imposter.





The Old Bastich Returns (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1-29, 2016-2017) 

lobo-essential6-rebirth-JL_SSQUAD_cv2_ds-1-v1.jpg Following the events of 2016's DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1, the previous Lobo was seemingly erased from existence (though he was actually kept in a bottle by the intergalactic collector Brainiac). The original Lobo returned to continuity, and it was revealed that he had been a member of Amanda Waller’s original line up for the Suicide Squad. When the original Squad’s mission ended in disaster, leaving most of the team in comas, she locks them away in a special, secret prison, hoping to bury her mistake from prying eyes. However the manipulative industrialist Maxwell Lord finds out, and seeks to use this original Squad to strike at Waller.


Lobo is one several villains used by Amanda Waller who is then freed by Maxwell Lord, who uses his mind control powers to force Lobo to do his bidding. The Batman finds a way to implants a bomb into Lobo's brain and manages to detonate it, blowing his head right off. After Lobo regenerates it, he discovers Batman did this as a way to free him from Lord's mind control, and later accepts Batman's offer to join the latest version of the Justice League of America, as a way of paying the Dark Knight back for freeing him from Lord’s influence.









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  • • Church of the Triple Fish God
  • • R.E.B.E.L.S
  • • Suicide Squad
  • • Justice League of America

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