Knight and Squire


Knight and Squire

A pair of vigilantes who follow in the footsteps of Batman and Robin, Knight and Squire patrol the streets of England to keep their home safe from criminals.


Aliases: Cyril Sheldrake, Beryl Hutchinson

First Appearance: BATMAN #62, 1950

Team Affiliations: Batman Inc., Club of Heroes, Global Guardians, Ultramarine Corps



Originally introduced as a father-and-son duo from England inspired by the adventures of Batman and Robin to fight crime, British Super Heroes Knight and Squire became their country’s very own Dynamic Duo. They teamed up with the Caped Crusaders on several occasions as fellow members of the Club of Heroes.


In the wake of his father’s untimely death, however, young Cyril Sheldrake, unable to cope with his loss, fell to addiction and other vices. It wasn’t until he met a young woman named Beryl Hutchinson that he was inspired to overcome the trauma of his past and reclaim his father’s legacy. Cyril took on the role of Knight and made Beryl his Squire, and they patrolled the cities of England once more. They even joined forces with the international Ultramarine Corps to fight against Super-Villains on a global scale, and later partnered with Batman as he developed Batman Incorporated. The Knight and Squire became Batman Inc.’s official representatives for the United Kingdom.