Amazons have kept giant kangaroo-like creatures called Kanga as both pets and beasts of burden. Princess Diana's pet Kanga, Jumpa, is as loyal as they come.


Aliases: None

First Appearance: SENSATION COMICS #6, 1942

Team Affiliations: None



On the island of Themyscira, it was originally common for Amazons to use giant kangaroos as pack and transportation animals, rather than horses or donkeys. These creatures were alien beings known as Kangas. They were brought to Themyscira by a tribe of star-faring Amazons who called themselves the Sky Riders of Nebulosa. When the need arose, they wore special armor and carried Amazon warriors into battle. Princess Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, had a Kanga of her very own named Jumpa, whom she considered as much a pet as a beast of burden. Over the years, Diana developed a special bond with Jumpa, who returned her care and affection with unwavering loyalty.