Jessica Cruz


Jessica Cruz

The sworn protector of Sector 2814 (alongside her partner Simon Baz), the power ring-bearing Jessica Cruz has conquered her fears and brought renewed honor to the Green Lantern Corps.


Aliases: Green Lantern, Power Ring
First Appearance: Cameo: GREEN LANTERN vol. 5 #20, 2013 



On the surface, Jessica Cruz may seem an unlikely candidate for membership in the Green Lantern Corps, and her road to ring wielder was a long and twisted one. But she holds the distinction of being Sector 2814’s first official female representative in the Corps.


Due to a tragic event in her youth, Cruz suffered from crippling anxiety, and, before becoming an official Lantern, was chosen to wear another kind of weapon—the evil Ring of Volthoom. Unlike a Green Lantern Ring, the Ring of Volthoom choose Jessica for succumbing to fear, not overcoming it. Although the ancient ring was at first a corrupting influence, and exerted its control over Jessica, she was eventually able to break free and use its powers for good. After an act of self-sacrifice, Jessica was given a Green Lantern Ring and chosen to become a member of the Corps.


Alongside her partner, Simon Baz, Jessica is now one of two Green Lanterns assigned to the planet Earth and the other planets in its sector of space. Although she still has a lot to learn and many personal obstacles to overcome, she’s proven herself as one of the Earth’s most heroic protectors. 



On a hunting trip with a group of friends, Jessica Cruz’s life was forever changed. The group stumbled upon a gang of mobsters burying the body of someone they’d murdered. Intent on eliminating witnesses to their crime, the mobsters shot and killed all of Jessica’s friends, leaving her as the only survivor of the massacre. Following this incident, Jessica developed anxiety resulting in self-imposed exile, and she locked herself in her apartment for four years.


During this time, the Crime Syndicate, evil doppelgängers of the Justice League from Earth-3, had taken over the Prime Earth and exiled their heroic counterparts. The Green Lantern counterpart from Earth-3 was Harold Jordan, also known as “Power Ring.” Instead of wielding a ring made by the Guardians of the Universe, he used the ancient Ring of Volthoom. During the invasion of Earth, Power Ring was killed by Sinestro, and his ring forced itself onto Jessica Cruz. Eventually, it took over her entire body and bent her to its will.


Under the negative influence of the Ring of Volthoom, Jessica attacked her hometown and fought the combined forces of the Justice League and the Doom Patrol. It was during this fight that Batman convinced Jessica that if he could overcome tragedy and fear to become a hero, she could, too. With the Dark Knight’s help, Jessica broke free of the ring’s control. When the Crime Syndicate was defeated, veteran Lantern Hal Jordan taught Jessica how to control the ring. Jessica joined the League as their resident power ring champion.


During the Darkseid War, Jessica seemingly sacrificed her life to save that of the Flash, her teammate. Though she didn’t die, her ring was destroyed. But due to her ability to overcome fear, Cruz was offered a real Green Lantern Corps power ring. Not long after, she began training as the partner of Earth’s other resident Green Lantern, Simon Baz.


Originally the owner of the Ring of Volthoom, Jessica Cruz was subject to its very specific powers and limitations. While resembling the Oan power rings of the Green Lantern Corps, right down to its signature emerald color, this ring was quite different. The weapon manipulated the one who wore it, often possessing them. Feeding on fear, it was the exact opposite of the Green Lantern ring. While the owner is wearing it, though, they can make constructs and energy projections similar to those of any Green Lantern.


When Jessica Cruz lost the Ring of Volthoom and received a Green Lantern power ring of her own, she inherited a weapon identical to that of her fellow members of the Corps. A Green Lantern power ring allows for flight, as well as hyper-speed travel across the universe and protection from the vacuum of space. The ring also functions as a universal translator and can analyze data, thanks to its sophisticated internal AI system. Like all Green Lantern power rings, Jessica’s ring runs on the willpower of its owner.


The ring must also be recharged using a power battery. The main difference between Jessica’s power battery and those of other Lanterns is that hers is conjoined with that of her fellow Earth Lantern Simon Baz.



Joining the World’s Greatest Super Heroes (JUSTICE LEAGUE vol. 2 #30-39, 2014-2015)

During the invasion of the Prime Earth by the evil Crime Syndicate, Jessica Cruz was a shell of her former self, never leaving her apartment due to the incident that took the lives of her friends and left her traumatized. Sensing her fear and despair, the Ring of Volthoom chose her as its owner upon the death of its previous wearer. Unlike a Green Lantern’s power ring, the Ring of Volthoom forced itself on its wearer, leaving Jessica no choice in the matter.


After asserting control of the ring with Batman’s assistance, Jessica was granted provisional membership in the Justice League under the name Power Ring. During this time, the League was faced with the threat of the Amazo virus, a synthetic plague meant to rob metahumans of their superpowers. Proving herself worthy during the outbreak, Cruz was asked by Hal Jordan to take his place in the League.




Breaking Free of Volthoom (JUSTICE LEAGUE vol. 2 #41-50, 2015)

When the evil Darkseid’s long-lost daughter Grail arrived on Prime Earth, she forced Jessica to open a portal to Earth-3, former home of the Crime Syndicate. This allowed the powerful Anti-Monitor, the cosmic being responsible for the Crisis on Infinite Earths, to cross over into the Prime Earth. 


Grail forced a confrontation between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, a confrontation the Justice League was ultimately swept up in. During this crisis, Jessica positioned herself as a victim of the Black Racer, the embodiment of Death itself from the realm of the Fourth World. In doing so, she hoped to save the life of her teammate, the Flash, for whom she’d developed feelings. Instead, the Racer killed Volthoom itself, shattering her power ring. Due to her courage, a true Green Lantern ring chose Jessica as the latest human to join the Corps.





Rebirth (GREEN LANTERNS, 2016)

After the Darkseid War, Jessica became a true member of the Green Lantern Corps, and was assigned as the official Lantern of Sector 2814. She was, however, reluctantly partnered with fellow rookie Lantern Simon Baz, who would train her while Hal Jordan was off in space with his fellow Corps members. When Cruz and Baz showed they still had much to learn, Hal Jordan fused their power batteries into one, forcing the pair to put aside their differences and come together as a team.


During her time as Earth’s protector, as well as a member of the Justice League, Jessica Cruz has fended off the likes of the Red Lanterns, the Phantom Lantern and old foes of Hal Jordan’s like Doctor Polaris, slowly but surely proving herself a force to be reckoned with.







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