When his home planet of Saturn was thrown into a massive civil war, Jemm escaped to Earth where he lived in secret and disavowed both sides of the conflict.


Aliases: None

First Appearance: JEMM, SON OF SATURN #1, 1984

Team Affiliations: Injustice Gang



Hundreds of years ago, before the fall of the planet Mars, the Martians created a genetically modified sub-race of workers who were sent to a Martian colony on one of Saturn’s moons. But there was civil unrest throughout the encampment, and—following the conflicts between the Green and White Martians on Mars—the White and Red Saturnians themselves fell into a civil war. It ravaged their colony and forced its leaders into subjugation and hiding. One such leader was Jemm, the son of King Jaxx, who ruled the Saturnian people prior to the uprisings. As a Red Saturnian, Jemm was targeted by the White Saturnian forces and sent into hiding. As his planet crumbled, he learned to survive amidst the chaos, and eventually escaped to Earth. Alas, things were no easier for the Son of Saturn there, and Jemm was ultimately brainwashed into joining the Injustice Gang by Lex Luthor.