The result of an alien light entity merging with the body of a dead sociopath, Halo has served as one of Batman's Outsiders, trained by the Dark Knight himself.


Aliases: Violet Harper, Gabrielle Doe, Marissa Barron

First Appearance: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD vol. 1 #200, 1983

Team Affiliations: The Outsiders, The Dead Heroes Club, Batman, Inc.



Billions of years ago, there existed immortal beings of sentient light known as Aurakles. One Aurakle visited Earth and witnessed the murder of a sociopath named Violet Harper at the hands of a criminal working for Tobias Whale and his organization the 100. The Aurakle then somehow bonded with Violet’s body, reviving her and creating a new gestalt entity with a gentle disposition and no memory of who she had been before. When Batman found her and realized her power, he recruited her into his newly organized Outsiders team, where she took on the code name Halo. Eventually, Halo learned the truth of her origins.


Halo has a variety of energy and light-based abilities, each one causing her body to glow with a different color. She wields heat beams (red), force beams (orange), blinding light blasts (yellow), stasis beams (green), illusions (blue) and tractor beams (indigo). When Violet Harper’s original personality sometimes emerges, Halo’s color becomes, fittingly, violet.


During the Blackest Night, Halo’s powers proved highly effective, allowing her to destroy Black Lanterns and their rings.


Halo was later selected by the organization Batman, Inc. to join a new incarnation of the Outsiders. When it was believed she and her teammates had been killed in action, they continued to secretly work for Batman as a team called the “Dead Heroes Club.”