Green Arrow


Green Arrow

Billionaire Oliver Queen uses both his wealth and his unmatched archery skills as the Justice League's battling bowman Green Arrow.


Aliases: Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen, The Emerald Archer, The Battling Bowman
First Appearance: MORE FUN COMICS #73, 1941




Although he is commonly thought of by many as just a modern day Robin Hood, the Green Arrow is so much more than that limited description would lead you to believe. Born to a life of wealth and privilege, Oliver Queen took it all for granted, until tragedy struck at sea, leaving him alone on a deserted island. There, Queen had to dig deep to find out if he had the inner fortitude to survive. While stranded on this island, Oliver honed his already formidable archery skills into becoming the greatest archer ever known.


When he finally returned to civilization, he embarked on a career as an urban vigilante, attempting to rid the streets of his hometown of Seattle, and also Star City, from crime and corruption, with nothing but a bow and arrow. Viewed as a pampered playboy by the outside world, Green Arrow cares more about the plight of the poor and the suffering in America perhaps more than any other costumed Super-Hero – a “social justice warrior” in the truest sense of the word.


Although an imperfect man, prone to make mistakes in his personal life probably more than most other costumed crusaders, the Green Arrow is nevertheless on the greatest heroes in the entire DC Universe. Whether fighting solo, with his paramour the Black Canary or with his fellow heroes of the Justice League, the Emerald Archer is one hero anyone would be lucky to have their back.



The Golden Age

greenarrow-origin-ADVC_256_02.clr-v1.jpg Originally introduced as not much more than a mix of Robin Hood and Batman, the Green Arrow was one of dozens of heroes who debuted during the Golden Age of comics. Like his hero Robin Hood, millionaire playboy Oliver Queen dressed in a classic medieval style archer costume, and had a ward, Roy Harper, who was his sidekick Speedy. Aside from being a billionaire hero and having a teen sidekick, almost everything about Green Arrow seemed influenced by Batman – had had an Arrow Cave, an Arrow Car, and there was even an Arrow Signal made to summon him. Together, Green Arrow and Speedy were members of the wartime Seven Soldiers of Victory.


His origin story, however, was different than the Batman’s. Originally, Oliver Queen was a museum curator and an archeologist, whose area of expertise was Native American cultures and hunting techniques. One day, his museum was burned down by criminals, so a newly lost Queen ends up travelling to a place called Lost Mesa to search for more artifacts. Once there, Ollie finds young Roy Harper, the survivor of a plane crash that killed his parents. Luckily, the Harper family’s Native American friend Quoag also survived the crash, and he winds up teaching Harper archery and other survival skills. Unfortunately, Ollie’s been followed by criminals who believe he can lead them to hidden Native American treasures. They wind up killing Quoag, so Ollie and Roy use their archery skills to fight these criminals, and begin their careers as Green Arrow and Speedy.



The Silver Age

In the late ‘50s, the Silver Age of comics began, and Ollie’s origin story was changed. Still a wealthy playboy, one night Queen was on his yacht when he accidentally falls overboard. Oliver is able to swim to a nearby deserted island, where he finds himself stranded. The folks on his yacht no doubt believe he’s drowned, and don’t bother to look for him. Now stuck on Starfish Island, Queen builds himself a makeshift bow and arrow, and during the years he is stranded there, he starts developing archery skills, as well as other survival skills, in order to stay alive. He develops several trick arrows during this time as well. To camouflage himself while hunting, he creates a green, Robin Hood style costume for himself.


Eventually, Oliver spots a ship nearby and swims out to it, but as luck would have it, just as he arrives he finds that the ship is being taken over by a band of mutineers. Using his now formidable archery skills, he manages to save the ship. Oliver, now rescued from the island and able to return to civilization, realizes he’s quite formidable with a bow and arrow, and begins leading the double life of a Super-Hero, dubbing himself the Green Arrow. During the Silver Age, Speedy now begins his career as Green Arrow’s sidekick many years after Oliver began his, instead of at the same time. Green Arrow joins the Justice League of America, and is in fact the first new member to join the team after the seven founders. 


Powers and Abilities

Although he is a normal human being with no known super powers, Oliver Queen’s skill when it comes to archery borders on the metahuman. Green Arrow boasts that he can shoot 29 arrows in under a minute, and can shoot arrows up to 117 mph. On several occasions, he has been able to shoot an arrow down the barrel of a gun, and has accurately fired arrows at their targets while simultaneously performing an acrobatic maneuver. 


In his original incarnation, Green Arrow often used a variety of trick arrows when fighting criminals. Some of these were fitted with explosives, grappling hooks, flash grenades, tear gas, and maybe his most infamous, the boxing-glove arrow. In the last few decades however, the focus has been on using more traditional arrows. Green Arrow is also an expert martial artist and swordsman.


Essential Storylines and History



The Social Justice Warrior (THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #85, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #75, GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #76 – 89, 1969-1972)

After decades as a combo Robin Hood/Batman hero, Green Arrow is given a radical makeover that forever redefines his character. First, he loses his fortune based on that machinations of a villain, and he then becomes a crusader for the poor and the downtrodden, taking aim (sometimes literally, sometimes not) at “corporate fat cats.” He adopts his signature goatee during this time, as well as a new, more modern costume. He becomes the co-headliner of GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW, in which the conservative Lantern serves as a stark contrast to the far more socially conscious Arrow. This interpretation of Green Arrow defines the character for the rest of his existence, both in and out of comics.





The Longbow Hunter (GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS #1-3, GREEN ARROW #1-80, 1987-1995)

greenarrow-essential2-postcrisis-GALH_01_300-000-v1.jpg Green Arrow goes into a much more adult oriented direction in the limited series THE LONGBOW HUNTERS, and its subsequent follow-up ongoing series. It was during this era that Oliver became more of an urban vigilante and less of a traditional DC Super Hero, and it is here that he ditched his non-lethal trick arrows and started to kill his enemies. 



Together with longtime girlfriend and fellow hero Black Canary, instead of the average Super-Villains, the pair were fighting drug runners and serial killers instead. He was also introduced to the deadly Shado, an adversary that was as much an expert with the bow and arrow as Oliver was, and would become one of his greatest enemies. Shado eventually sexually assaulted Oliver, and from that union came Oliver’s son, Robert Queen.




"Quiver" (GREEN ARROW #1-10, 2001-2002)


greenarrow-essential3-deathandrebirth-GALH_01_300-000-v1.jpg In the late 90s, Oliver Queen dies fighting a group of eco-terrorists, and is soon replaced as Green Arrow by his estranged son, Conner Hawke. But Oliver wouldn’t stay dead for too long. His best friend, the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan, now known as the omnipotent Parallax, used his nearly limitless powers to bring Oliver back to life, although his body was both without many of his memories, and also without a soul. This prompted Oliver Queen’s soul to leave the afterlife and return to his body, effectively restoring Green Arrow to “factory settings.” Now back for good, Ollie resumed his life as Green Arrow and began fighting crime once again, and took on a new sidekick, a young archer named Mia Dearden. 






After decades of an on again/off again relationship, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance finally tied the knot. Almost every Super-Hero in the DC universe attended the wedding, with most of them happy these two had finally made it official. But it turned out that the man that Black Canary married was an imposter, after she is forced to kill him when he attacks her on their wedding night. 


Together with Ollie’s son Conner, she goes on a search and rescue mission for her Oliver, and when she finds the real deal, who was imprisoned by the evil Granny Goodness, the two promptly get married for real. The duo have several adventures together as a married couple, until Oliver’s choice to murder several of his enemies causes the pair to split up, and for Dinah to return her wedding ring to him. 




The New 52 (2011-2016)


In the post-Flashpoint DC universe, Ollie’s history is altered, and as a result, he is a much younger man once more, and relatively new at the Super-Hero business. In this new timeline, Oliver’s origin story is much the same, only he eventually finds out that his father arranged for him to be stranded on the desert island for all those years, as part of an elaborate plot to turn him into a living weapon who was meant to take on a secret society called the Outsiders. 



In the New 52 reality, Oliver Queen runs Q-Core, a subsidiary of Queen Industries that focused on developing cutting edge technology. He also has a back-up team that helps him in his crime fighting, referred to as “Team Arrow,” most prominent among them being former military veteran John Diggle. A new lethal enemy is revealed to Green Arrow during this era that would become one of his worst, the deadly Komodo.




Rebirth (2016 - Present)


greenarrow-essential6-rebirth-GAREB_Cv1_ds-1-v1.jpg Following the events of DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance met each other again for the very first time, and just as in previous continuities, the two had an instant attraction to one another, and once again became crime-fighting partners as well as lovers. It was also during this time that Oliver’s half-sister, Emiko Queen, took up the family business and became the Red Arrow.


















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  • • Justice League of America
  • • The Outsiders
  • • Seven Soldiers of Victory

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