The crown prince of Markovia, Brion Markov often finds himself caught between his needs to protect his nation and to use his metahuman powers for the greater good.


Aliases: Brion Markov

First Appearance: The BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200, 1983

Team Affiliations: Outsiders, Justice League



Not only is Brion Markov the crown prince of the nation of Markovia, he's also a powerful metahuman with Earth-based psionic abilities, like gravity manipulation and lava blasts. Brion uses his abilities for both the good of his people, and the good of the world at large by fighting alongside teams like the Outsiders, which he joined under Batman's leadership as the hero Geo-Force. Later, however, when Batman separated from the team, Brion had Markovia begin providing funding and assumed leadership of the group. However, as Brion often finds, remaining active as a Super Hero and a political figurehead in a sovereign nation simultaneously is often more complicated than anyone could anticipate. Markovia's complicated relationship with the USA and frequent brushes with domestic unrest, as well as the looming threat of civil war, often put Brion in less-than-ideal situations which force him to decide between his loyalty to his people and his loyalty to the greater good.