A member of a race of humanoid insects on New Genesis, Forager the "Bug" has fought alongside the New Gods and the Justice League against the forces of Darkseid.


Aliases: "Bug"
First Appearance: NEW GODS #9, 1972

Team Affiliations: New Gods, Bugs of New Genesis



The man called Forager fought bravely by the side of the New Gods, but wasn't really one of them. His people were humanoid insects, evolved from a form of “micro-life” that spread on New Genesis during their war with Apokolips. These "bugs" survived in colonies beneath the surface, and were ruled by a being called the Queen-Widow. Although it is rumored that Forager was an actual New God raised by the bugs, this was never proven. The New Gods who floated above them looked down at these bugs as inferior beings, despite their having the same enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes as they did.


When the bugs of New Genesis are threatened by Apokolips, Forager approaches the New Gods above for help, despite their prejudice towards them. Orion and Lightray listen to his pleas, and they fight together and free his people, and Forager earns their respect. He later fights on the side of the New Gods during the so-called Cosmic Odyssey, in which he dies saving the life of Batman. Years later, a female bug takes up the name of Forager in his honor. Most recently, the original Forager woke up in a cocoon, where it was revealed that he wasn't dead, but had been in a dormant state. He decides not to fight for the New Gods anymore or the Bugs, and embarks on his own adventures.