The Dark Lord of Apokolips and father of Orion seeks to control all sentient life, via the Anti-Life Equation.                                                 




Aliases: Uxas, The Lord of Apokolips, Boss Dark Side
First Appearance: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #134, 1970



In the known DC Multiverse, one name stands above all others when it comes to supreme villainy—Darkseid. Ruling over the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid doesn’t merely mean to conquer a planet or subjugate his enemies; he seeks to rob the entire universe of its free will and replace it with his own. 


To this end, Darkseid employs the vast power at his disposal to seek out the Anti-Life Equation, a mysterious formula that would allow him to remove all free will from every sentient life-form in the known universe. In his quest for ultimate power, the immortal Darkseid has repeatedly come into conflict with Apokolips’ sister world, the heavenly New Genesis, along with heroes like Superman and the Justice League.


Ruling over a court of equally twisted and sadistic individuals, and commanding an army of mindless Parademons who obey his every whim, Darkseid can be defeated, but never truly destroyed. As long as malice and despair exist, the God of Evil will always find a way to return and attempt to spread his tyrannical rule over all who live. On Apokolips, there’s only one key thing every subject must understand about their ruler—Darkseid IS. There is nothing else.



Untold eons ago, there were beings known as the Old Gods. And when their light went out of the universe in a fiery calamity, a race of New Gods was born in their wake. They were split between two opposite worlds, New Genesis and Apokolips, and these planets, which represented light and dark, were continually at war.


darkseid-origin1-DARKSEID_01_08_450_CMYK-v1.jpg It was on the planet Apokolips that young Uxas was born, son of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra. When Yuga Khan’s ambitions got the better of him and he became trapped in the Source Wall, Uxas killed his own mother. After taking the power of the Omega Effect from him, Uxas also had his brother Drax killed. Seizing the planet’s throne, with all familial obstacles out of the way, Uxas gave himself the name Darkseid.


There was a time when Darkseid was very nearly “corrupted” by good. Against all odds, he fell in love with a young woman named Suli, a scientist who believed in using her knowledge to spread enlightenment throughout the universe. She bore Darkseid a son named Kalibak, but not long after, Darkseid’s mother Heggra had Suli assassinated, seeing how she had spread her positivity and love to him and made the queen’s son “weak.” It was then that Darkseid got his revenge and poisoned his mother, forevermore scoffing at the very idea of love. Nevertheless, Darkseid eventually took another wife, Tigra, who bore him a son named Orion.   


As the ongoing war raged between Apokolips and New Genesis, a bizarre plan was hatched to put a halt to the endless conflict. The terms of the pact were that the son of the leader of New Genesis, Highfather Izaya, would be traded for Orion, the son of Darkseid. Upon receiving the infant son of Izaya, named Scott Free, Darkseid immediately banished him to the fire pits, where a life of pain and degradation eventually forged the child into the super escape artist Mister Miracle. Orion, meanwhile, was raised on New Genesis, and it was foretold that someday the son would slay his father.


Believing humanity contains some portion of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid has sought to conquer the Earth several times over, beaten each time by humanity’s protectors, but never truly vanquished.


In the New 52 DC Universe, Darkseid’s origins were altered. Uxas was now a lower being in the world of the Old Gods who convinced them to turn against one another. Ultimately, as the Old Gods weakened, he killed each of them, absorbing their powers for himself and becoming the indestructible New God known as Darkseid. In this world, Highfather was his brother, and it was their conflict that resulted in the creation of the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips. With the changes made to the DC Universe once again due to Rebirth, it is unknown which elements of Darkseid’s origins are currently real or myth.



As a living god, Darkseid is easily one of the most powerful sentient beings in the Multiverse. Darkseid’s greatest asset is the “Omega Effect,” a form of powerful energy he can release as concussive blasts from his hands, or, more often, as so-called “Omega Beams” from his eyes. This effect is so powerful, he can use it to kill his enemies instantly, or even later resurrect those killed by the beams if he prefers to torment them further. The Omega Beams also have the uncanny ability to travel in a straight line or bend and curve around corners, following no known laws of physics.


An extension of his Omega Effect is something called the Omega Sanction. With this power, the Lord of Apokolips can trap people in a continuing series of alternate realities, each one worse than the previous. 


Darkseid also has a variety of mental and telepathic abilities, although their exact nature and true limits are unknown. Darkseid has been completely disintegrated, only to fully reconstitute himself, leading many to believe he is a truly indestructible deity.


Although Darkseid prefers not to sully himself with physical combat, preferring instead to use minions like the Parademons or the Female Furies, his physical strength is nearly unmatched. He’s even gone toe-to-toe in battle with the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. 








The Fourth World (THE FOREVER PEOPLE vol. 1, #1-11, 1971-1973, NEW GODS vol. 1, #1-11, 1971-1972, MISTER MIRACLE vol. 1, #1-18, 1971-1974)

Darkseid first appeared in a cameo in SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #134, with his first full appearance taking place in the first issue of THE FOREVER PEOPLE. Together with NEW GODS and MISTER MIRACLE, these series constituted the so-called “Fourth World” line of titles, in which Darkseid and his minions were the main antagonists. 



Battling the Justice League and the Justice Society (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA vol. 1, #183-185, 1980)

After years plaguing heroes like the Forever People, and sometimes Superman, Darkseid finally made his presence known to the Justice League of America. With the help of the Injustice Society, Darkseid attempted to destroy the Justice Society of America’s home of Earth-2 and replace it with his own hellish homeworld, Apokolips. It took the combined forces of the JLA, the JSA and the New Gods of New Genesis to stop his scheme from destroying an entire planet.



The Great Darkness Saga (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES vol. 2, #290-294, 1982)

In the 30th century Darkseid had seemingly been forgotten by most of the universe, in a time when peace and cooperation between worlds resulted in the formation of the United Planets. darkseid-essential2-thegreatdarnesssaga-LSH_Cv294-v1.jpg The protectors of the galaxy in this era were the teenage Legion of Super-Heroes.


During this time powerful shadow beings began taking out the strongest villains of the 30th century, like the wizard Mordru and the mysterious Time Trapper, and draining them of their power. These shadow beings were servants of Darkseid, who’d reemerged in the future to attempt to conquer the galaxy once again. With the power of these villains at his disposal, he took over the minds of the entire population of the planet Daxam—a world whose inhabitants were as powerful as Kryptonians under a yellow sun.


With this army of three billion unstoppable beings in his thrall, Darkseid seemed poised to finally take the universe for himself. Only the appearance of his ancient enemy Highfather, who aided the Legion in their epic battle against Darkseid, turned the tide. After the Daxamites were freed from Darkseid’s control, he vanished once again, along with his newly returned world of Apokolips. 



Pitting Earth Against Its Heroes (LEGENDS #1-6, 1986-1987)

During the fallout of the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths, Darkseid took advantage of the chaos by sending his minion, Glorious Godfrey, to Earth in the guise of television personality G. Gordon Godfrey. Using his powers of persuasion, Godfrey, with Darkseid pulling the strings, sought to convince America that its heroes were false idols who needed to be destroyed. Ultimately, the human population saw through Godfrey’s powers of persuasion, and a new Justice League formed as a result—which turned the Dark Lord’s plan against him.



The Anti-Life Equation Strikes Back (COSMIC ODYSSEY #1-4, 1988-1989)


The Lord of Apokolips was forced to call a truce with his hated enemies from New Genesis and the Justice League when the New God known as Metron accidentally unleashed four sentient aspects of the Anti-Life Equation upon the known universe. Their goal? Collapsing the Milky Way galaxy in on itself. Wanting the galaxy to remain intact (so he could conquer it), Darkseid and the heroes of Earth succeeded by working together, although Darkseid felt sullied by working with what he considered “lesser beings.”



Death and Rebirth (DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #1-8 and FINAL CRISIS #1-7, 2007-2008)

In 2008 the New Gods, long thought immortal, were murdered one by one. It turned out the culprit was none other than the Source itself, from which the New Gods drew their power. Darkseid made one final stand against the Source, which unleashed the spirit of Darkseid’s murdered son Orion against him. New Genesis and Apokolips were merged into one new planet—the Fifth World.


After the New Gods’ final battle, Darkseid’s soul settled on Earth, where it, like the spirits of the other evil gods of Apokolips, resided in the body of a human being. Darkseid became a crime lord known as “Boss Dark Side,” and ultimately found a way to possess the body of detective Dan Turpin. He unleashed the Anti-Life Equation on Earth, making the population his mindless slaves. But Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth forced Darkseid’s essence from Turpin’s body and, together with the Flashes, ended the threat of Darkseid forever. Or so it seemed.



The Darkseid War (JUSTICE LEAGUE vol. 2, #40-50, 2015-2016)

In the post-Flashpoint DC Universe of the New 52, there was only one iteration of Darkseid across the 52 known parallel universes, and he wanted all of the universes for himself. He also searched the Multiverse for his long-lost daughter, Grail. After nearly conquering Earth-2, Darkseid invaded Prime Earth, causing the formation of the Justice League in this timeline. 


Grail appeared on Prime Earth, the daughter of Darkseid and an Amazon from Themyscira. She drew her father to Earth, and Darkseid was caught in a war with the Anti-Monitor, the ancient being responsible for the Crisis on Infinite Earths. During the Crisis, Darkseid had helped defeat the Anti-Monitor, who now returned to seek vengeance. The Justice League was caught in the crossfire of this battle between ancient, evil deities, both far more powerful than the League. 


Although Darkseid was seemingly killed by the Anti-Monitor, he was reborn as the child of Superwoman, a member of Earth-3’s Crime Syndicate. Grail took the child, hoping to raise him to be the scourge of the universe, but this time molded by her vision.



God vs. Amazon (WONDER WOMAN vol. 5, #31-37, 2017-2018)

In the Rebirth DC Universe, Darkseid remained an infant in the care of his daughter, Grail. Together, they killed several children of gods, including Hercules. As they took each demigod down, infant Darkseid absorbed their energy and used it to grow stronger. Upon reaching adulthood, he killed Zeus, bringing him into conflict with Zeus’ daughter Wonder Woman. Restored to full size and strength, Darkseid was then ready to battle the heroes of the DC Universe once again.










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