Danny the Street


Danny the Street

A kind, sentient, transvestite thoroughfare, Danny the Street can appear in any city in the world, and has served as the mobile headquarters of the Doom Patrol.


Aliases: Danny the World, Danny the Alley, Danny the Brick, Dannyland
First Appearance: DOOM PATROL #35, 1990

Team Affiliations: Doom Patrol




Serving as both a member of the Doom Patrol and also as their home, the entity known as Danny the Street is exactly what his name seems to imply – a living, sentient street, the only one known to exist. Although it is unclear where he comes from originally or how he was created, Danny is able to transport himself between the cities of the world and become a part of them. Once he's embedded in a particular town, he allows those rejected by society a place where they can live free from judgment or persecution. Danny views himself as a cross dresser, and expresses himself by putting feminine and frilly awnings or curtains on traditionally male stores like gun shops and sporting goods stores. He then communicates with others by rearranging the letters in the store windows to say what he's thinking.


Danny first came in contact with the DC Super Hero team the Doom Patrol when he was targeted by the status quo-enforcing Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In thanks to the Doom Patrol for his rescue, Danny allowed the team to establish their new base of operations within him. As the years went on, Danny grew in size, eventually becoming his own planet: Danny the World.


Later, Doom Patrol nemesis Mr. Nobody led a group called the Gentrifiers in disassembling Danny, deconstructing him down to a single brick. But with the help of the Doom Patrol’s Crazy Jane, and later a new Doom Patrol member of Danny’s own creation, Casey Brinke, Danny was able to thrive once more. He re-established himself as the theme park inspired “Dannyland,” where a reformed Doom Patrol happily took up residence.