Part man, part machine, Vic Stone is a former member of the Teen Titans and a current member of the Justice League who wrestles to preserve his humanity with every new upgrade.


Aliases: Victor Stone, Cyberion, The Technis
First Appearance: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26, 1980



Although he always exhibited a genius level intellect, young Victor Stone didn’t want a life dedicated to science and research like his parents. Instead, Vic dreamed of being a football player, and devoted all of his time to becoming a star athlete while he was still in high school. But a tragic twist of fate which should have left him dead instead found him becoming part man and part machine – a Cyborg. 


Saved by his scientist father after a tragic accident left very little of Victor’s body intact, Dr. Silas Stone used all of his advanced scientific knowledge to save his only child’s life, and to rebuild his him into a superior being, one that was arguably now more machine than man. As a cyborg, Vic was now far stronger than the average person, and could interface with computers, and emit various types of energy that made him a formidable fighter. Although he ultimately chose the path of the Super-Hero, Victor never fully acclimated into being only partially human, and always carried a sadness within him, as he mourns for the normal life he never had.


One of the planet’s greatest heroes, Cyborg nevertheless puts all of his internal struggles aside when the time comes to saving innocent lives and protecting the Earth, either as a member of the Teen Titans or as a part of the Justice League. Because of his ability to interface with computer systems, perhaps there is no hero more fitting for this modern, digital age.



Bronze Age

cyborg-origin-TNTT_01_16-v1.jpg Victor Stone first appeared as a member of the New Teen Titans, when the mystic Raven gathered together a trio of members of the original Titans, and group of new, young recruits, of which Vic was one. By the time Raven found him, 18 year old Victor Stone had already undergone a horrible tragedy that changed his life forever. A star athlete, Vic had already cast aside any aspirations his parents might have had for him becoming a scientist like they were. Instead, he focused on training to be an Olympic level athlete. 


But one day, upon a chance visit to his parent’s lab, he came upon disaster. During an experiment conducted by his mother and father, they had unleashed a deadly creature from another dimension. The creature instantly killed Victor’s mother, and then destroyed much of Vic’s own body. Victor’s father Silas, crippled with guilt about what his experiment had unleashed, chose to save his nearly dead son by giving him enhanced cybernetic upgrades. These upgrades left most of his body, including half his face, encased in molybdenum steel. Cybernetic parts were grafted to Vic’s organs, and computerized synthetic nerve bases were attached to his spinal column. When he finally woke up from the various procedures it took to make Vic a cyborg, he was horrified at what he had become, thinking himself a freak, and a version of Frankenstein’s monster. And he loathed his father for not allowing him to simply die.


Now unable to pursue his sports dreams due to his huge advantage over regular athletes, he lost most of his friends and lived a lonely existence, seeing his father (and most other people) as little as possible. But when Raven inducted him into the Titans, he found a family again, and a purpose. He instantly bonded with Gar Logan, better known as Beast Boy, and the pair began a older brother/younger brother relationship. Vic, now dubbed Cyborg, eventually mended fences with his father before he died, and reconnected with his grandparents, who were former jazz musicians. During this time, he even started dating a woman named Sarah Simms, who was an instructor for a group of disabled children, many who had prosthetic limbs. To those kids, who saw a bit of themselves in Victor, Cyborg became a hero even bigger than Superman.



Modern Age 

In an accident during the "Titans Hunt" storyline, Cyborg was heavily damaged in battle, and was left in a catatonic state, with no traces of his original brain activity left. He only responded to computer commands, leaving him a shell of a human being. His friends on the team never gave up on him though, and eventually, his mind was restored by an alien race of computer intelligences called the Technis. Although his mind was restored, Vic had to remain with the Technis both to maintain his identity, and also because in exchange for restoring him, he had promised to teach the Technis about humanity. Now called Cyberion, he was now a complete part of this alien technological collective.


In time, Cyberion returned to Earth, his consciousness now totally sublimated into the Technis collective. Due to an innate feeling of loneliness, he began to gather his former Titan friends, kidnapping them and giving them idyllic lives in a sort of fantasy simulation, in order to keep him company. But the Titans were able to break free, and reach the part of Cyberion that was still their friend Victor Stone. 


Vic then "downloaded" his freed consciousness into the Omegadrome, a morphing war-suit belonging to an alien former Teen Titan named Minion. After being freed from Technis, the Titans reformed and Vic was part of this new iteration of the team. Nightwing revealed that he had cloned Victor’s original body, and the Omegadrome, which carried his mind, fused with his cloned body, allowing him to look human when he wanted, while still wield amazing technical powers. During an adventure with the Flash, his morphing abilities were lost, and once again he found himself the permanent half human/half machine Cyborg. 


Eventually, a new version of the Teen Titans was formed, made up mostly of former members of the team Young Justice. For a time, Cyborg served as their mentor, along with other former Titans who were now adults. Eventually, Victor Stone was finally accepted as a member of the Justice League of America, having officially graduated into the most prominent Super-Hero team of them all. 



New 52 

In the wake of 2011's FLASHPOINT, the DC Universe timeline was heavily altered. In this new reality, Victor Stone was never a member of the Teen Titans, but was instead a founding member of the Justice League. In this timeline, much like the previous one, Vic was a genius, one who only wanted to play professional sports and who set aside academics. While visiting his scientist father at S.T.A.R. Labs, he found Dr. Stone tinkering with an Apokoliptian Mother Box of immense power. 


In the middle of an argument regarding Vic’s future, the Mother Box, which is a sentient computer system, opened a portal to the planet Apokolips called a Boom Tube. As the Parademon minions of Darkseid swarmed into the lab, Vic was struck by a burst of energy, which nearly killed him and destroyed most of his body. 


Vic’s father Silas used all his scientific knowledge to build his son a new cyborg body, but he also fused it with alien Mother Box technology. This upgrade allowed Vic to “hear” other computer systems, and even open his own Boom Tubes. Joining with heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Victor became a founding member of the Justice League, although he was much younger and less experienced than his teammates. His ability to create Boom Tubes was very useful whenever the League needed to transport to any location in the world in the blink of an eye. Cyborg has since proven an invaluable member of the League.



Powers and Abilities

Most of Victor Stone's body has been replaced by advanced cybernetic systems, granting him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and flight. His mechanical form can endure far more than a regular human body can. Cyborg also has the ability to interface with external computers, allowing him to “hack” into almost any computer system. His body contains within it a large amount of tools and weapons, like a finger-mounted laser and sound cannon which could deliver ear splitting decibels of white noise. He also had a self-repair system, which could upgrade both his mechanical and organic parts.


During his brief time as Cyberion, Victor was a part of the Technis, and his mind was part of a larger techno-organic consciousness, which he was eventually freed from. Once he downloaded his mind into another alien tech, the Omegadrome, which was a form of organic metal which could shapeshift. These incarnations were short lived, and Victor once again found himself in a cyborg form much more like the one his father had created for him.


In his New 52 incarnation, Cyborg is even more advanced than he ever was before, due to the infusion of alien technology. He has all the abilities his original mechanical body did, but now he can also create Boom Tubes to transport himself and others vast distances, and he can absorb and control most forms of technology. His body uses a program called the Grid, created by himself and Batman to help him better manage the constant input of data being uploaded into his computer systems. 


He eventually upgrades to a sleeker body, one which looks more human and less like a tank. After an encounter with aliens calling themselves the Techbreakers, Cyborg's systems undergo a total overhaul, which fixed any damaged circuitry as well as repairing his ruined organic parts. No longer more machine than man, he is a fully balanced techno-organic life form.


Essential Storylines and History


A Hero For The Computer Age (DC COMICS PRESENTS #26, NEW TEEN TITANS #1, 1980)

In his first appearance, Victor Stone is an angry young man, bitter about becoming a half man/half machine “freak.” Realizing that Vic’s abilities could be an asset, Raven recruited him into her new Titans team to take on her father, the demonic Trigon. Joining the team of young heroes gives Victor Stone a new lease on life, and being a Super-Hero gives him renewed purpose. Having a younger brother figure in the form of Beast Boy helped him during this time as well.


During his early days with the Titans, Vic formed romantic relationship with two women named Sarah. Sarah Simms was a teacher worked with disabled children, many who had prosthetic limbs just like Vic did. Later, he became even more seriously involved with a scientist named Sarah Charles, who even tried to restore Cyborg’s more human appearance – an experiment that ultimately failed. During all this time, Cyborg was a steady member of the New Teen Titans. 



The Technis Imperative (JLA/TITANS #1-3, 1998-1999)

cyborg-essential2-systemsupgrade-4157-JLA-Ttns3-20-v1.jpg During a storyline called "Titans Hunt,” Cyborg’s body was heavily damaged, and rebuilt by Russian scientists. His mind was seemingly wiped during his reconstruction, making him more of an organic robot than a synthetic human. Eventually, his mind was restored by a race of techno organic alien beings called the Technis. While they saved Vic’s mind, he chose to stay with them in deep space and teach them about humanity, and he abandoned his Cyborg persona and became known as Cyberion.


But after months in space, Victor’s consciousness, now sublimated by the Technis, returned to Earth. He turned the moon into a Technis construct, and the Justice League saw him as a dire threat to humanity. Vic’s former teammates believed their old friend could be reached, and this led to a fight between the Titans and their former mentors. Ultimately however, the Titans proved successful – Vic’s mind was liberated from the collective, and he returned to Earth. His mind fused with an alien tech called the Omegadrome, which later bonded to a cloned body of Victor’s. He was now the ultimate Cyborg. He eventually lost the alien shapeshifting abilities of the Omegadrome, and basically came full circle, and went back to the kind of cyborg form his father had designed for him years before.



The Elder Statesmen (TEEN TITANS #1-6, 2003-2004)

cyborg-essential3-theelderstatesmen-TeenTitans-#1-Cover-1-v1.jpg Eventually, a new version of the Teen Titans was formed, made up of younger heroes who had once been members of Young Justice. Cyborg was now asked to take on a mentor role for the younger members of the team. Not long after, during the cosmic event known as the Infinite Crisis, Cyborg headed out into space with his teammate Donna Troy on a crucial mission, and once again, his body underwent heavy damage. He spent a year in shutdown mode while the Teen Titans repaired his body back in Titan’s Tower. Once he came back online, he once again reunited with his former New Teen Titans teammates, who now simply went by the name the Titans. Not long after, he finally accepted an invitation to join the Justice League of America.



"Origin" (JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-6, 2011-2012)

cyborg-essential4-theworldsgreatestheroes-JUSTL_Cv1_ds-1-v1.jpg Vic’s first appearance in the New 52 universe took place in the pages of Justice League. In this post Flashpoint DC Universe, Vic’s origin story is tied into the origin of the League itself. His father once again rebuilt Vic when he lost most of his body in an accident, but this time fused Victor’s body with alien Mother Box technology, the kind that greatly augmented him beyond his original incarnation. Helping Earth’s heroes repel an invasion from Darkseid, he joins Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as the Justice League’s youngest founding member.


Years later, when the League’s evil counterparts from Earth-3 known as the Crime Syndicate invaded the Prime Earth, Vic’s cybernetic systems were taken over by a malicious A.I. that created a new separate mechanical form for itself called Grid. Victor was then fitted with a new, sleeker mechanical body, one which he used to defeat Grid and the Crime Syndicate. During this time he reconciled with his estranged father, Dr. Silas Stone.




cyborg-essential5-rebirth-METAL_Cv1_ds-1-v1.jpg Following the events of 2016's DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1, Cyborg is still a member of the Justice League, although there have been hints that at least portions of his pre-FLASHPOINT history are resurfacing, like his connection to the Teen Titans. He has recently proven invaluable to the League once again during 2017's DARK NIGHTS: METAL, in which he used his vast knowledge and abilities to hack into the Dark Multiverse, in order to help his teammates in the Justice League.

















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Fun Facts

Khary Payton provides the voice of Cyborg in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, Batman Unlimited, LEGO DC Super Heroes, DC Super Hero Girls, Justice League Action, and the Injustice video games. In Young Justice, he voices Cyborg's father, Dr. Silas Stone. (Submitted by user HubCityQuestion)


Cyborg's father was the of the original architect of Titans Tower. (Submitted by user VengeanceNight)


In The New 52, Cyborg voluntarily had his remaining lung replaced with cybernetics so he could breathe underwater. (Submitted by user NYJt3)