Condiment King


Condiment King

With a civilian name like Mitchell Mayo, the villainous Condiment King was all but inevitable. Yes, even sandwich fixings can be weaponized in Gotham City.


First Appearance: In Comics: BIRDS OF PREY #37, 2002

Alias: Mitchell Mayo

Team Affiliations: None


Gotham City is a difficult place for a criminal to make a name for himself. It’s not easy to become a costumed rogue in a market so saturated. Mitchell Mayo knows this better than most would-be DC Super-Villains. As the Condiment King, he uses Gotham’s favorite sandwich sauces against it, spraying ketchup and mustard out of his custom-built guns as he attempts (emphasis on attempts) to pull off various heists. He may not be the most threatening—and he’s certainly not the most successful or the most noteworthy—of Gotham’s panoply of costumed cads. But give some credit—at least he managed to come up with something memorable.