Brother Blood


Brother Blood

The vampiric Cult of Blood has been lead for generations by Brother Blood, each new bearer of the title the son of his predecessor.


First Appearance: NEW TEEN TITANS #21, 1982

Alias: Sebastian Blood

Team Affiliations: None



The name and mantle of Brother Blood has been passed down from father to son for ages, dating back eight centuries to a monk named Brother Sebastian who came into possession of a mystical artifact that allowed him to slow his aging to a crawl. The family has participated in the cult-like Church of Blood which, for a time, operated inside a small country named Zandia. The eighth Brother Blood, however, expanded the church's influences beyond the country's borders using hypnotism and indoctrination, which placed the church directly in conflict with the Teen Titans. It was later revealed that part of the cult's powers come from vampirism and the consumption of blood, which gives each Brother their hypnotic abilities, enhanced strength, and near immortality.