Blue Devil


Blue Devil

Dan Cassidy's career as a stunt man took a strange turn when a magical confluence of events permanently bonded him to a special effects costume.


Aliases: Daniel Patrick Cassidy

First Appearance: FURY OF FIRESTORM #24, 1984

Team Affiliations: Justice League, Shadowpact, Sentinels of Magic



Daniel Cassidy was a stuntman and special effects artist for big-budget movies. But an accident permanently grafted him to a devil-like costume he’d built for a film production. Now stuck looking like a monster, Cassidy embraced his new life, and used his bizarre appearance as a springboard to super-heroism. Eventually his antics caught the attention of a few heavy hitters. The demon lord Neron approached Cassidy with a Faustian deal in a bid for his soul. Cassidy accepted, but was killed before the bargain could be completed. The arcane energy in play, however, restored Cassidy to life, this time as a real, organic, flesh-and-blood demon with all the magical power that entailed. He then used his new metahuman abilities to join the Sentinels of Magic and defend the world against arcane forces.