Black Orchid


Black Orchid

A human-plant hybrid powered by the mystical force of the Green, Black Orchid is able to transfer her powers and consciousness between host bodies.


Aliases: Susan Linden-Thorne, Flora Black, Suzy, Alba Garcia

First Appearance: ADVENTURE COMICS #428, 1973

Team Affiliations: Suicide Squad, Parliament of Trees, Justice League Dark, A.R.G.U.S.



The name Black Orchid has served as a code name for several individuals within the DC Universe. The original Black Orchid was a criminal named Susan Linden-Thorne, who would stick close to her crime scenes as she impersonated innocuous bystanders. It was eventually revealed, however, that Susan possessed mystical powers. She was a human-plant hybrid with ties to the supernatural force known as the Green, thus tapping into an arcane entity that empowered her as one of a legion of Black Orchids. Following her death, Susan’s name and abilities were transferred to a successor named Flora Black, along with some of Susan’s memories. Later these memories and abilities were passed on to Flora’s “sister,” Suzy. As Black Orchid, each of these women has possessed enhanced strength, stamina and speed in addition to their supernatural disguise ability, a byproduct of their deep connection to the Green.