Beautiful Dreamer


Beautiful Dreamer

A human raised on the utopian New Genesis as part of an experiment by High Father, Beautiful Dreamer is a powerful psionic and a member of the Forever People.


Aliases: None

First Appearance: FOREVER PEOPLE vol. 1 #1, 1971

Team Affiliations: The Forever People, The New Gods



After the Old Gods died, two new planets were formed: New Genesis and Apokolips. On these twin worlds, New Gods emerged. These near-immortal beings boast great strength and a close connection to the Source, the energy that binds all things. Over time, a young group of New Gods—or “godlings”—banded together to oppose the evil forces of Apokolips. This group of “Forever People” included the godling called Beautiful Dreamer, who is blessed with psionic power that lets her sense fluctuations in the Source and cast life-like illusions.


Together, Beautiful Dreamer and the other Forever People can summon the cosmic hero Infinity Man. By placing their hands on a Mother Box computer and shouting “Taaru,” they free Infinity Man from his exile in another dimension on the planet Adon and trade places with him until his return.


Beautiful Dreamer has fought against the forces of darkness with bravery on many occasions. Just before the Final Crisis, she was killed along with the other New Gods. But the events of Final Crisis revealed that she and the other New Gods had been reborn.