Though she was raised on Earth and believed herself to be a normal human girl, Amy Winston soon learned that she was actually Amethyst, Princess of Gem World.


Aliases: Amy Winston

First Appearance: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #298, 1983

Team Affiliations: Justice League Dark, Lords of Order, House of Amethyst



Princess Amaya was the daughter of the ruling House of Amethyst on Gemworld. But when she was just an infant, her House fell into chaos following the uprising of the House of Opal and its ruthless ruler Dark Opal. Thankfully, a witch named Citrina managed to save Amethyst before Dark Opal could assassinate her, sending her to Earth to live with a human family under the assumed name of Amy Winston. When Amy turned 13, however, Dark Opal tracked down her human family and attacked, forcing Amy to learn the truth of her heritage. Amy subsequently returned to Gemworld, where she learned she’d inherited magical abilities, and of the duties that fell to her in the wake of her family’s destruction. Now the daughter of two worlds, Amy is forced to balance her love for her adoptive home on Earth and her duty to the people of Gemworld as Amethyst—princess and defender of a realm she’s only beginning to understand.