Ambush Bug


Ambush Bug

A traveler of the multiverse who's never quite sure what is or isn't real, Ambush Bug is an eccentric wild card and comical chaos factor in the lives of many heroes.


Aliases: Irwin Schwab

First Appearance: DC COMICS PRESENTS #52, 1982

Team Affiliations: Justice League, Uh-Oh Squad, Doom Patrol, Amber Butane Corps



They say reality is what you make of it, and that has never been truer than for the creature known as Ambush Bug. A weird, wacky and totally offbeat entity who doesn’t appear bound by any natural laws in the Multiverse, Ambush Bug can teleport anywhere. He certainly looks like a bug, though he didn’t start out that way. As a human being, Irwin Schwab wore a bug-like costume. But through a series of unfortunate events, his suit became permanently grafted to his body. At first he thought of becoming a Super-Villain in order to fight Superman. But when that plan fell through, he decided to try his hand at the whole Super Hero thing. Sadly, that didn’t go smoothly either. 


Because of his teleportation powers, Ambush Bug appears wherever he pleases, whenever he pleases, making him more of a super-powered annoyance than a Super Hero or Super-Villain. Though if you asked him, he’d no doubt say he was a hero, and a close personal friend of the Man of Steel. Superman would beg to differ.