Alan Scott


Alan Scott

Earth's original Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice Society of America, Alan Scott has been a trailblazer for almost 80 years.


Aliases: Alan Scott, White King, Sentinel

First Appearance: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16, 1940



Alan Scott is the first to bear the name Green Lantern, wielding a ring that focuses a mystical green flame. He was one of the first to put on a cape, becoming a member of the 1940s Justice Society of America. As time passed, Alan became mentor and inspiration to generations of new Super Heroes. Recharging his ring by his magic lantern, Green Lantern made his green glow a sign of hope and source of inspiration for decades.


Across the multiverse, on an Earth 2 created as part of the New 52, another Alan Scott wields the green flame after a tragic loss. This Green Lantern is the avatar of The Green, the elemental force that controls all living growth on Earth, and focuses his powers through a ring meant for his dead partner. No less powerful or compelling than his earlier counterpart, he glows green to banish evil and help restore a war-torn world to its former greatness as one of the Wonders of the World.



alanscott-origin-GAGLAH_01_010-v1.jpg Engineer Alan Scott was surprised to find himself the only survivor of a train wreck, but soon learned the answer laid in the green train lantern he was grasping. The lantern, it turns out, was illuminated by a special meteorite from centuries ago and that, with Alan, it would bestow upon him great power. Scott fashioned a ring that held the lantern’s power for twenty-four hours, allowing him to do anything his mind willed him to do. As the Green Lantern, Alan became a founding member of the Justice Society of America; he later learned his lantern was powered by the Starheart, a magical entity the Guardians of the Universe had imprisoned in that fateful meteorite.


The New 52 resulted in a wholly different version of Earth 2 and its heroes; in this world Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman had earlier given their lives in a war against Apokolips. Three  years later, media mogul Alan Scott’s train crashes just as he proposed to his boyfriend. A mystical green flame appeared amidst the wreckage and told Alan he had been chosen to wield the combined powers of the Earth to become its protector. Using the engagement ring meant for his late partner as a conduit, Alan became the Green Lantern, protector of The Green--an elemental force of growth on Earth.









Powers and Abilities

alanscott-powers-EARTH2WE_03_18_CMYK.jpg Alan’s ring channeled the power of the Starheart through his lantern, allowing him the ability to create energy constructs out of the mystic green flame, become impervious, phase through solid matter, become invisible, possess superhuman strength, fly, create a force field, and even teleport and travel through space. The ring’s only limitation was that it was powerless against wood and needed to be recharged regularly. After Green Lantern’s ring was destroyed, he later gained the ability, after decades of using the magic, of manipulating the flame without the ring.


The New 52 Alan gains his powers from The Green, the Earth’s sentient elemental force that connects to all plant life. Since it is his source, he is also reliant on keeping in contact with The Green, and also finds himself forced to follow The Green’s directives. He can fly, has the ability to control plant life, and has superhuman strength and durability. Green Lantern can also fire energy blasts and create constructs from the energy granted to him.












Essential Storylines and History

The Golden and Silver Ages

alanscott-essential1-goldenandsilverage-GAGLAH_01_007-v1.jpg Alan joined other heroes in forming the Justice Society of America, and their larger, wartime counterpart the All-Star Squadron. As Green Lantern, he faced villains such as Solomon Grundy, Vandal Savage, the Icicle, and one who stole his heart--the Harlequin. In actuality his secretary, Molly Mayne, she eventually reformed and became an FBI agent. Alan and other JSA team members, absorbed temporal energy from the villain Ian Karkull; the end result is it helped maintain their physical vitality beyond their actual age.


Scott also went from train engineering to working in radio as an engineer at Apex Broadcasting Company Studios and then WXYZ radio. He retired as Green Lantern in the 1950s, when the House Un-American Activities Committee demanded the JSA unmask to the government, and soon became president of the Gotham Broadcasting Company. Alan also met and married a woman named Alyx Florin and the two fell in love. Unbeknownst to Alan, even after they married, she was the reformed villainess The Thorn; her evil side resurfaced that night, and started a fire. Alyx fled from shame, soon learning she was pregnant with their twins. 


Years later, the twins Jennifer-Lynn Haden and Todd Rice reunited and respectively adopted the identities of Jade and Obsidian. They confronted Alan (now back in action as Green Lantern) about the same time as they formed Infinity Inc. with other Golden Age superhero offspring. Alan also reunited with Rose and the two finally married.





alanscott-essential2-aftercrisis-LDJS_01_Cover-v1.jpg The JSA were locked in eternal battle against the Norse Gods after the events of the 1985-1986's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and also after Alan’s original Earth 2 was revised into a single Earth. Here, the JSA kept the end of the world at bay in this other dimension, until The Spectre helped free them just a few short years later. The JSA reunited for a short time, ultimately falling victim to the Super-Villain Extant during 1994's ZERO HOUR, leaving many members dead and Alan to retire.




A New Lease on Youth (GREEN LANTERN CORPS QUARTERLY #6, 1993; ZERO HOUR #4-0, 1994; JSA #1-87, 1999-2006)

alanscott-essential3-anewleaseonyouth-GLCQ_06_C1-v1.jpg The Starheart made Alan younger and led him to adopt a more modern costume and a new code name: Sentinel. His newfound youth was short-lived, however, and he once more adopted the ring and identity of Green Lantern to help advise a new iteration of the JSA.



Alan continued to fight as a member of the JSA, ultimately losing his daughter Jade in battle. He joined the intelligence organization Checkmate as the White King. but left when the organization would not adhere to a no-kill policy.



Rejoining the JSA, Alan was eventually corrupted by the Starheart itself, sending him on a vendetta to destroy the planet. He was soon restored, with the help of his revived daughter Jade. During a battle with a Nazi-engineered Super-Villain, Alan’s neck was snapped and he was left paralyzed. He regained movement from his suit of Starheart-generated armor, and faced off against D’arken with the JSA. Alan is forced to unleash the Starheart energies within to destroy D’arken – making the ultimate sacrifice worthy of a legend.




The New 52

alanscott-essential4-new52-EARTH2_Cv3_ds-1-v1.jpg Following the events of 2011's FLASHPOINT, much of DC history was reimagined in the New 52 universe. The New 52’s version of Alan Scott was a part of The Green, and fought against Grundy, the zombie-like defender of the Green-opposing Grey. During the battle, he teamed up with new heroes and they form the group the Wonders of the World. Green Lantern used his connection to The Green to give the Earth a much-needed jolt that brought nature’s growth back to the war-torn planet.


Earth 2’s Super Hero ranks grew, with the inclusion of their own Dr. Fate, Sandman, Red Tornado, Batman, and Superman. Darkseid once more invaded the planet, ultimately destroying it. The remaining Wonders were transported to the planet Telos during the Convergence of multiple Earths. The planet was terraformed to take the place of the long-lost Earth 2, where the Wonders attempted to form a new society--it was ultimately restored to a semi-original form by the Ultra-Humanite. Alan Scott and the other Wonders defeated him and became the defenders of the new Earth 2.


The future of Earth 2, and the Wonders, remains unknown in the light of 2016's Rebirth. 









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