Based on the beloved animated series, Superman takes flight in this book for fans of all ages! Superman: The Animated Series was an instant classic, developed by the same team behind the beloved Batman: The Animated Series and featuring some of the greatest Superman adventures ever committed to film. Dive back into the world of Superman: The Animated Series with this collection of comics featuring the iconic cast and some legendary creators! FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SUPERMAN CATCHES A COLD. GAWK AS SUPERMAN LOSES HIS POWERS! WITNESS THE GALACTIC BRAWL BETWEEN SUPERMAN AND LOBO. WATCH AS SUPERMAN PLAYS BASEBALL TO SAVE THE WORLD! SUPERMAN ADVENTURES VOL. 2 features stories by Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, Zot!), Mark Millar (Ultimate Avengers), Rick Burchett (THE BATMAN ADVENTURES) and others. Collects SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #11-16, SUPERMAN ADVENTURES ANNUAL #1 and SUPERMAN ADVENTURES SPECIAL #1.

Written By:

Scott McCloud Mark Millar


Rick Burchett Terry Austin